Saturday, February 14, 2009

It would not be possible without River

Valentine's day.  We've switched sides of the bed.  I don't like having sides of the bed.  We used to just get in on whatever side we wanted, at least I did, but at some point we started having sides.  It makes me feel like an old married couple.  Not having sides is more interesting and exciting.  You never know what you're going to get. This morning River is my left-handed sweetie.  It's interesting.  It's exciting.

At 6:15 I've got an erection and want to wake River up but she likes to sleep so I let her.  I wouldn't mind if she woke me up now and then.  I straddle River and hug and gaze and touch.  Hot. Grab River's hand so she can feel me leaking.  I only leak around her.

I make pancakes.  Shower break for River by herself, but I watch her dry off and walk naked to the bedroom and get dressed.  My sweetie fix.  I forgot I'd like to dress her.  River hints she'll make up for her solitary shower later.

After getting mixed and/or non-signals while watching TV, I reassure River that it's ok if we don't do it, but I'd like to touch her, with no expectations.  Jacking off on the reversed side of the bed.  Not so sure it's a good idea with a date coming up in two days, but I really want to and River approves.  Undress River.  Panties on.  In bed. River goes off on a tangent that completely blows my mood.  It comes back quickly.  Straddle River, kiss, rub, boner.  Oil.  Too much oil. Ok hardness but not great.  "Can I squirt on you?"  "Thanks for asking."  Touching River is nice.  "You're insatiable."  I get on top. Very nice interesting tongue work by River, but I need more room.  Sit up and admire the view and jack until I shoot my load near River's belly button.  River thinks she hasn't done much, but it would not be possible without her.

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