Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not the most fulfilling time

It's morning. "Now the Cialis is working." It's hard to keep down. Watching River in the shower. Hugging her in the kitchen. "Date tonight?" That's a surprise. "If you insist."

We stay up kind of late together. "Is our date still on?" "I was wondering about that. I've gotten kind of tired." "I'll do all the work." "I don't have the energy to say no."

We spoon and I'm hoping it will come up spontaneously like it did this morning. Cialis seems to last about 48 hours for me and it's only been about 24. No luck. Sit next to River. It comes up pretty quick when I give it some attention. Even quicker when I finger River's pussy and feel her wetness. Hard. "Do you need a warm up?" "Not really." It's a little strange. She's just there. I just stick it in. Nice and hard. And there we are. Fucking. The angle is a bit awkward though. Hard to keep it in. River keeps it in as she flips her leg over me and rolls onto her back. She likes keeping it in.

We're doing it in default. And missionary. Circular motion. "You feel nicely wet today. Yesterday felt like maybe you'd started your period." But I knew she hadn't. "How does that feel?" "Kind of a patchy slippery. Hard to explain." "It feels like it might dry out. No full pullouts." I pull out most of the way, but not all of the way. About as far as she usually goes. "How's that?" "Good."

I said I'd do all the work, and it seems like I mostly am. Doing my thing while River graciously allows me. Too tired to say no. Elbows on the bed, hands under her shoulders, squeeze onto her. This isn't going to be a long one. Quick, but not too quick. Not coming as fast as I can, but not holding off either.

River's getting into it more. Sometimes fucking is its own warmup. Moving her legs, changing the angle. Making the sounds of River being fucked. Speed up. "It's been really close for a while." I guess I am holding off a bit. But sometimes it seems a little harder to orgasm on Cialis. Just a little. Reminds me of the morning erections that I don't really like to do it with. I always think it's because I didn't get them for the right reason. I just get them because that's what happens in the morning sometimes. The Cialis erection is sort of like that. Just there. Even though I got it for the right reason.

Faster. I feel it coming. Keep fucking. I'm coming and fucking. Not the most fulfilling way to come, but good for variety. "I fucked you in my orgasm." River laughs.

That wasn't the most fulfilling fuck. Mostly me doing my thing. My fault. I forget how much better it is when River has energy and I'm not doing all the work. And it's nice spending more time together. "How long was that?" "I don't know." I vaguely remember seeing the clock before we started. "About ten minutes I think. Seemed kind of short."

It's still hard when I pull out. We wipe off. Go to sleep. River with a backup t-shirt, or something, between her legs.

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