Thursday, September 2, 2010

On the couch

We're in the back yard. After sunset. "The trampoline?" "Too cold." I had to ask. "The living room?" "Ok. Because I know you like it." Where wouldn't I like it with River. And we haven't done it there since last summer.

"I like how you just casually drop your pants in the living room." "I'm keeping my shirt on. For old times' sake." I like seeing her bush below her shirt. And having her shirt pushed up over her tits. She knows that.

Put some classical guitar on the stereo at River's request. Strip and sit beside her on the couch. She's put her soft robe on the cushion. "What should we do?" "I thought you might want to sit on your soft robe." "We can both sit on it." "Only one of us will be sitting." "Oh yeah."

We kiss. Her feet are up on the couch. Reach under her legs. Rub my hand up the outside of her far leg. Feel my arm brush against the soft fuzz on her parts. Sit on her lap facing her. Kiss some more. She grabs my cock. Reach under her shirt for her boobs. Pull her shirt over them. Like she knows I like. Rub her boobs, squeeze her nipples while she gets my cock hard.

"I'm ready whenever you are. What kind of warmup would you like?" I'm hoping she'll say lick my pussy. "What you're doing is nice." I like that too. Thrust my cock against her hand, pull her shirt down over her tits, feel them through it.

Get off her lap. Her feet on the couch again. Knees up. I kneel on the couch, my legs outside hers, my balls over her feet. Not much room for both of us. Do the stick-in, wet pussy, and fuck.

"There's no room for me to move." She's pressed against the back of the couch. That's ok. I'll drive for a while. If I don't fall off. Move my cock in and out. Feels nice. Nice being with River. The couch is a bit contrived tonight but that's part of the fun. But it's a bit cramped.

Spin River so she's lying on the couch. Her leg resting on the back. "Are you ok there?" "Yeah." Her other leg on my shoulder. My knee on the couch. My other foot on the floor. A nice position for both of us.

"Do you have one in you?" "Maybe next week. When I'm horniest." "Ok." I've been taking it easy. Hit it a little harder. Slapping together. "Nice bang." Even harder. River gets pushed back a few inches with each aggressive thrust. "I liked the nice bang better." Back to the nice bang. And it is a nice bang. Put my arm down beside her. Lay my head down next to hers. Keep fucking.

"It feels a little dry." Our oil is upstairs. Pull out. Now I get to lick her pussy. She doesn't usually like me to get her too wet when I'm licking. But tonight is different. Licking for lubrication. Plenty of spit between her lips. Enjoying her taste.

Stick it back in. The slippery is different, but there's enough. I like it. "Now I taste like pussy." This is a nice one. No holding off. Just fucking. Feeling my climax build. It won't be long. My leg shakes as the tension builds, her leg still on my shoulder, my cock penetrating her.

An enormous orgasm, I don't even feel the spurts, just simultaneous tension and relief in my whole body. Collapse on River. Breathing hard with my head next to hers. Leg still shaking. My other leg shakes even harder as we pick up our clothes and go upstairs to bed together.

"That sure is a strange thing I do to you." "What is?" "What I just did." Fuck her and come in her pussy. And she likes it.

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wife10yearsin said...

At first I got distracted by the fact that it was too cold for something in September. Then I got distracted by other things. Good distraction.

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