Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waking River up in the night

A quarter to two. Earlier than I thought. River has said I could wake her up in the middle of the night some time to do it. Now seems like a good time. Plenty of time to sleep afterwards. Just thinking about it should get me hard. Especially on the Cialis I took earlier. Thinking about River, her sweetness, her love, her shape, our shower this morning, her fuzzy wet pussy. But nothing. A small touch should do it. Three fingers on the side of my cock. Pretty standard for me. Still nothing. Even though the desire is there. Finger and thumb around the base, other fingers on my balls. Maybe something. Once it's started it should be like a chain reaction. But it isn't. At least hard enough to start doing the entire shaft from the head down. And that helps. It's not the pounding erection I was anticipating. But it's good enough.

I wonder if River is awake. Hard to tell. She's in spoon position. Perfect. Roll towards her, put it between her legs where I can feel the fuzz. She's awake enough to reach down and put it in her hole and we push together hard to see how far in it will go. Not very. So just a small slow fuck until there's enough juice to push it in further. But she still seems under-lubricated. That doesn't make me feel good. It makes me feel like I'm just doing my thing with her. Which I am. It's better when it's our thing. Push in deep and hold it for a while. Lean back with my hand on her hip. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Still not as wet as it should be. But not dry either. I hope she's ok. Roll River over. I'm aiming for inviting but she rolls all the way to butt. I won't argue with her choice. Not much room on the right side of the bed, but enough. Reach for her hands. Single point. Lay on top. When I come I push in deep and hold it. I hope she likes feeling me come this time. Move a little bit at the end to squeeze out a few more contractions. Roll back into spoons for a while. Now the Cialis is working. I pull out, get a t-shirt off the floor. "It's ok, I have to pee anyway." The only words either of us has spoken.

"How'd you sleep?" "Ok." "I hope you didn't mind that I woke you up last night. If I did wake you up. You said I could some time." "You woke me up." I talk about how she didn't seem her usual wetness. Except for the stick-in, it seemed ok to her. And she woke up with an orgasm around four. Nice. Except for the other recent time, that hasn't happened since she was pregnant with Brook.

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