Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm going to be dripping all day

Last night I rubbed more chamomile oil on River's tummy. She was really getting into the nice slow rubs between her bellybutton and her bush, and wanted her chest rubbed, too. I wouldn't turn that down. I got more oil and rubbed my way up to her nice small tits, careful with her tender nipples but really gripping into the muscle underneath. We were both really liking that. It seemed like a good time to offer her a hand job, which is something she likes. She wasn't as up for it as I thought she would be, but she doesn't mind me enjoying her body a bit. I oiled her inner thighs and pussy before I moved on to her clit. I had a nice time but I couldn't really get her into it. She was holding back for tonight. So I finished up and we snuggled and I felt my cock leaking. "We're both going to be dripping all day tomorrow." "It's that time of the month." I'll take it any way I can get.

It was kind of disappointing because being rubbed with oil and then hand jobbed would have been a major turn-on if she'd done it to me, but it's something she can just walk away from. She'd had a bad day. I was hoping I'd be able to relax her and make her forget about it. Just because it was a bad day doesn't mean it shouldn't have a good ending.

Anyway, we're different, I just need to check back in and find out her latest turn-on fantasies.

Today I call and leave a message on her phone: "I just called to say I'm going to fuck you good tonight."

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