Saturday, November 27, 2010

An inviting morning maintenance screw

I wake up at six with a raging erection. Snuggle time. Or not. Thinking about doing it. It's been three days, our nominal "schedule". Maybe wait another day and let myself heal some more. Do it while everybody else is doing whatever it is they do Sunday morning. But River is too twitchy so I go downstairs to read for a while. Then come back. Now we can have a nice snuggle. I fall into a dreamy state about being in love. River sits up and looks out the window. I reach over and rub her back. "I think I see a woodpecker." "My pecker isn't wood." And it's still got a bandaid on it for chafe prevention and healing. I think it's helping.

I kneel behind her. "Again, I'm wishing I could just tip you forward." I look over her shoulder, between her boobs, down to her bush, and wish she was kneeling too, legs spread, and I could reach my hands down and finger her pussy like it was my own. I stroke my hardening cock. My fingers on the bandaid make a raspy sound. "When are you going to get your dick out of a sling?" "I could put a condom on over it." She doesn't seem to like that idea. I pull the bandaid off.

River curls up at the end of the bed, her ass pointing off the bottom. "You look inviting." I think we both know what's about to happen. I walk down to the end of the bed. I try to get my cock into her. The angle isn't good and it's not as hard as it just was and it buckles. She sits up into doggy. It's still a bit hard getting it in, but it goes in, me with one foot on the floor and a knee on the bed, and finds her girl juice. She's got a nice slippery today. My favorite frictiony slippery. I take long strokes in and out, feeling my cock glide in, watching it disappear all the way into her slippery cunt and come back out. I'm pulling out all the way, until I see my cock head at her entrance, then pushing back in, but once again it's pretty queefy which can tend to dry River out quickly. And the queefiness is getting old. I try not pulling out as far but it's not the same.

I put both feet on the floor, standing behind her, my butt facing the window, and pull River closer to the edge of the bed. "How's the height?" "Just right." Rock her back and forth onto me, speed things up a bit. That seems to pick things up a bit for her, but I'm feeling like this is just something I'm doing to her this morning. At least I can manage things so she doesn't have to drip all day. I could stop without coming. But River likes it when I come, and if I don't come she'll be wondering when we're going to finish. I'll pull out. Coitus interruptus. I enjoy the view of River's butt, enjoy sliding in and out of her pussy, feel my orgasm building, pull out at the last moment, slide my cock up her ass crack, and come on her back. Skip the afterfuck so I don't leave a mess on her for too long. "Hold still." Get the customary t-shirt and clean up.

"That was a maintenance screw, wasn't it?" Something to keep me in a good mood. I know from the way she looks at me that I'm right. "You don't have to feel bad about it." "I do feel funny." "It was a good time for it. The way things were going." "And you were inviting." She smiles and her eyes twinkle. I think she meant to be.

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