Monday, November 15, 2010

I can't hold out until tomorrow

"I'm turning in early tonight. But that doesn't mean you won't get your back rub." I'm just getting dreamy when River crawls in with me. She likes snuggling with a warm sweetie. I like warming her up. But she's not that cold tonight. Not even her notoriously cold butt that I like feeling against me as I warm it up.

After a few minutes I roll her over and grab some massage oil. I pull the covers down, revealing the curves of her perfect ass in the dim light. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to resist it, especially coming out of my dreamy state. Sit behind her ass, my cock nestling against it, rub my hands to warm the oil, start on River's back. Contented sighs as I do her lower back. And the usual spot between her shoulder blades. She's giving me good feedback, nice moans, inspiring one of my better massages. I oil her palms and do her fingers while she daydreams. I'd be flattered if she fell asleep.

I can't resist. "That was such a good one I'm going to have to do you." She waggles her ass at me in a friendly way. I use a bit of oil on my cock, which stiffens nicely while I rub my hand over her ass, down her crack, under her cheeks, my thumb lightly stirring the fuzz on her lips in the diamond of darkness between her legs. I position my erect cock in her darkness, feeling for the spot. "Just push." I push and watch it slide in under her cute asshole, feel it slide in, soft and warm and oily, and fuck River. And she likes it.

A quick one tonight I think. Medium-fast for River. I lift myself off her so the only thing touching her is my hard cock, dropping into her pussy, deep, too deep, feeling good, feeling warm, feeling like I'm going to come. I just let myself go, no holding back this time. She reaches around behind me and puts her hands on my ass as my cock pulses and spurts into her. "That was delicious." "What was?" "Having my hands on your tushie while you mmm-mmm-mmm."

I feel kind of bad about her having to get up to drip after I've gotten her so relaxed. "Next time I should use a condom." Or pull out. She falls asleep next to me, and I follow.

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