Saturday, November 13, 2010

At my parents' house

We're spending a few nights at my parents' house. They're away. We take their bedroom. "Do it in my parents' bed?" "Or in their tub. Or both." River gets a bath going. The tub is big, but it's really only built for one. Which seems silly. Who could resist their hot naked sweetie, relaxing in the tub? I can't. She's irresistible as ever. I get in with River, facing her, her legs spread over mine, my cock floating upwards in the hot water. Her bush and pussy draw my attention, on display under water. "Your balls are floating." I must have her attention, too. She reaches down and feels them, identifying the anatomical features inside my nut sack. I just like having my balls fondled. Being her specimen. "A fine specimen." "You have a fine specimen, too." "The winged wonder." I hope she's not being derogatory. She knows I love her pussy, how it looks, how it feels, how I told her the first time she showed it to me long ago. I like how her lips float in the water, gently parted, allowing easy access as I rub my thumb between them, pulling them, tracing them up and down.

"Want to see how long I can hold my breath?" But I'm not really ready for that. Yet. It's been a long day and we both want to relax in the tub for a while, enjoying each other's company. River is nice to be naked with. Her bush looking girly. The nipples on her small tits peeking out above the water line. Her cute face smiling at me.

I touch my cock under water. Partly for me. Partly for her. Before the vasectomy and the consequent ED I could quickly get hard and masturbate to orgasm in the shower or under water. Especially with my naked sweetie in the room. Now I'm not sure anything will happen. Water is sort of the opposite of slippery. But I feel some stirring as my cock stiffens a bit, and River notices. I do have her attention.

I can't keep myself away. River's pussy lips gape irresistibly. I sit up, then bring my face down to her pussy. Take a deep breath. Put my face in the water. Put my tongue in her groove. Move up and tease her clit. I'm almost worried I'll get so absorbed I'll forget where I am and try to breathe without coming up for air. A few bubbles leak out of my mouth while I'm licking her, then a few more, and River starts laughing. I don't even get the idea to blow bubbles on her clit before I come up for air. Something for next time. "Your tongue felt strangely cool in the hot water. Should we go somewhere more comfortable?" "We should dry off first. Even though I'll probably lose my advantage." Meaning my half-erect cock. We've done it on the bed right out of the shower while we're still dripping wet, but a damp bed doesn't make for good sleeping afterwards.

We dry off. River drains some bath water from her hoo. "I'm really relaxed. Any plans?" I've been thinking about how I'd like to fuck River on my parents' bed. Doggy. And jackknife. "Doggy." "Doggy is good. Do you want to do the stick-in that way?" I like that. "Good idea." River gets on her hands and knees with her legs together. I use some silicone lube and stroke my cock while I finger her pussy from behind. I don't want to stick a finger in tonight. I want my cock to be the first thing she feels in her pussy. And I want a nice hard one for a decisive stick-in. "This might take a while." "That's ok." I sit on her feet and she tickles my balls with her toes. "Am I distracting you?" "No, it's nice." Quite an enhancement. When I'm nicely hard I kneel behind her, open her pussy, put the head in, and push. The lube lets it go all the way in with one long push until I feel her ass against my skin. It's exciting, but we both like it when it takes a couple of strokes to get her juices spread around before it goes all the way in with a nice satisfying thrust and I hold it in for a few seconds before the next one. Variety is good, though, and it feels nice gliding in and out of her lubed pussy.

We fuck in our usual doggy position with River's legs together. It's been a while since we did it with her legs spread. "Want to spread your legs?" She spreads. "Are you comfortable?" "Yeah. This is raunchier. Different friction. Maybe deeper." And it's our queefiest fuck ever. After every thrust I pull out to her lips and she queefs. Quiet whispery ones. Loud flappy ones. "You'd think I was doing this on purpose." But I'm not. I'm just fucking her pussy however it feels best. At least we think it's a funny thing we do. A good laugh together.

She puts her head down on the bed. "Mmm, I like that. You leave your pussy up there at just the right height." I grab her ass and bang her, then slow down, pulling her ass against me. "I go my speed." "Works for me." It definitely works for me, feeling my cock slide into her, slide back out, back into her lubed pussy, liking it far too much, seeing her head with her cute short hair down on the bed, her perfect ass up in the air for me, my hands on her ass cheeks pushing her away, her banging back against me, my fingers reaching for her lips, spreading them while we fuck, until I need a break to hold off.

"We should do something else." "We don't have to." But I want to. Jackknife. More lube for River. "I have to be careful. Sometimes the wings get pushed in and they chafe." That's when she'll reach down and pull her lips out of her pussy while we're fucking. I roll River over for face to face. Straighten my legs, cross them for maximum penetration, her legs wrapped around me. A sweet fuck. But somehow I'm losing it. I pull out and sit up, hoping I can stiffen again. Maybe she can get herself off. "Do you have one in you?" "I don't think so. But sometimes when I think I do, I don't. Maybe sometimes when I think I don't, I do." I think about how I've had my best days when I don't think I've got anything. I hope she has a good day.

We masturbate together, me pulling my thumb along the top of my cock, her circling her clitoris with her fingers. Maybe she's just doing it for me, because she knows I like to watch. Watching her fingers push against her clit. Watching her lips get moshed around as she does her circles. Watching her wet pussy opening. I do like to watch. I feel myself stiffening in response. We both want to fuck some more. It's not as hard as I'd like when it goes back in but we're fucking again, in and out of her soft pussy, and it stiffens up nicely. I scoop her legs onto my shoulders for jackknife. See my cock plunging nicely through her bush into her pussy. "I'm going to finish." Almost before I know what's happening I feel myself coming, a strange one, almost like I'm not ready to come yet, but there it is, feeling the squirts go into her. River senses it. "A strange one?" "Yes, but I can't really explain." Maybe it reminds me of masturbating and trying to come without letting my cock get very hard. Just to see if I could. No matter. My cock is hard, and it was a nice fuck in my parents' bed.

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