Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"I want to do you while you dream."

I've been awake a while. River is dreaming. She wakes up a bit. "I want to do you while you dream." A fantasy of mine. She rolls onto her side. I oil my cock up. It gets nicely hard. She wiggles a bit during the stick-in. She usually goes back to sleep easily. But she's said she couldn't possibly sleep while we're doing it. I enter her. It feels a little strange to just be probing into her like this. I take it easy. Not moving much. Just enough. Gentle rocking. My sensitive cock head projects a vivid image into my mind, of it being in her tunnel, sliding back and forth against her slippery walls as they close in on it. My rocking might put me to sleep. Or into the half-dreamy state I like. But she's different. No matter what happens it's nice to be connected like this. Our parts interlocking. The way I always want to be when we spoon. Fancy hug. After a while I can tell she's not asleep. "You can finish if you want." I pick it up a little, a little faster, a little further out, a little further in. Maybe I'll come like this, pumping my load barely inside her. But it's not going to happen any time soon. I pull out. "I feel a little silly." "You do?"

But I want to finish, so I roll River onto her back and get on top. Default position. She pushes my cock down and I push into her. That's the stuff. Everything well-oiled. I'm thinking do the whole thing in default, but it's not going deep enough, so into missionary, and I feel it sink all the way in, a nice humpy fuck in the morning. She wraps her legs around me, puts her feet on my butt. Makes the sounds of River being fucked. When I come I push in and hold it, we feel the throbs together and smile. Fancy hug. She gets up and says I can try again some time.

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