Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning massage and t-bone

A nice morning sleep-in. Me snuggling on River. River snuggling on me. Me thinking how I'd like her to reach down and get me hard. But mostly just enjoying the nice snuggles. And waking up with River.

Her shoulder is sore. Maybe she slept on it funny. I flatten her out and get some oil to rub her back and shoulders. I have a nice time, working around her shoulder blade, up to her deltoid. She asks for thumbs in her lower back. A nice slow rub. My halfway hard cock resting on her ass. When I finish I lean forward on her and we rest together. I don't really want to do the usual post-massage stick-in. Sometimes a massage should just be a massage.

River rolls onto her back and I oil her boobs and nipples, feeling supple and rubbery under my hands and between my fingers. It's ovulation time and her nipples are getting tender. "I enjoy your body." "I enjoy you enjoying my body." We talk about what we're going to do this morning. Start with a shower together? River wants to start with coffee. "I know what I want to start with." "Do you?" She knows what I mean. Of course. But says I didn't quite have the body language. I get my body talking. She's already got it leaking. She watches my cock stiffen as I jack off. I like it when she watches. The feel of her hand resting on the trimmed hair at the base of my cock makes it want to get hard for her. She moves her hand down to my balls and plays with them, then gets the silicone lube. Not as perfect as pure River juice. It's got a bit of an indistinct feel to it, but better than nothing. "Can you do the stick-in?" She sticks it in, I push, and we fuck in interlock, me holding her leg to the side, pulling it towards me. Relaxing. My cock always feels strangely long, almost obscene, slipping out and sliding back into her in this position.

River rolls us into spoons. Another relaxing position. Pulling out all the way, feeling it finding its way back in through the improbable spot, River moaning. I grab her hip and rock her back and forth against me. Enjoying her body. Enjoying waking up with River.

River stays in spoons and I kneel behind her. One of my favorite positions lately. She hands me the lube. For her lips. I pull out, lean back, and look at her parts, her nice thick lips covered with dried . . . something. It's a nice time spreading lube over her lips, around her lips, between her lips. I like feeling her pussy from behind. "Here's your other favorite part. Sticking it back in." "Yeah." I slide my cock back in, pushing hard, pulling her against me. "That's a nice bony bone." I'm glad she likes it. "There's a nice view back here." Watching my cock snake into her pussy. "I'm glad you like it." I put both hands on her and go faster, pulling us together as I thrust. "How's the angle?" "Good." She's getting more vocal. That always makes me feel like coming. And I do, a deep push, a firm pull, feeling her ass against me as I spurt my goo into her. She runs her hands over my body as I'm coming. "Feeling the goosebumps?" "Yeah."

We decide this position needs a name. We call it T-bone. A nice double entendre.

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