Friday, December 24, 2010

Wrapping presents in the basement

The basement is off-limits to kids. We're wrapping presents. That must be what we call it now.

My parents were over for a Chistmas Eve visit. We've got some champagne that we intended to open with them, but the timing didn't work out, so we open it after they've gone. River and I are snuggling on the couch. We've shared a glass between us. "This champagne is making me really amorous." Amorous. I like that. Her switch has been flipped, her parts are on fire, and she wants to take advantage of her mood. No waiting until this evening. I've been feeling third-dayish, and the basement was giving me ideas earlier today. We've never done it there. River said she never would. Surprise. I plug in a heater and let it run for a while. And I gather some supplies. Massage oil, silicone lube, a hand towel. And in a flash of inspiration, a hot wet washcloth. Not that it's likely to stay hot.

We head to the basement. River spreads a blanket on the rug. I turn out one of the lights for mood. We can see the neighbor's porch out the window but no big deal. We undress each other. Everything but her socks. Sit facing each other. We talk while River plays with my parts and I finger her slit. Talk about how it's been more than a month since I ate her pussy. About how the way she feels now is how I feel most of the time. About how the champagne might affect my performance. About what we want to do with each other.

It takes a while, but River gets me up. She's good at that. She likes the reward of a job well-done. She gets into doggy position, her legs together as usual. It's a semi-erect stick-in, but my cock gets fully hard when the fuck starts, and I watch it pumping in and out under her sexy butt. She is on fire. Really into it. Moaning. Fucking back. Letting me bang her cervix. Doing all the work. We talk about how we didn't used to do much doggy. A couple nice rear-entry positions, but not so much doggy. It seemed kind of submissive and degrading to me. Not intimate enough. Now it's playful and energetic. And the view of River's perfect ass is amazing. I sigh and breathe heavily. "That means I really like it."

River sits up into hello kitty and the view gets even better, with her waist nipping in above her butt. It's an easy position for her to do all the work, rocking up and down with her hands on her knees, fucking me. Fucking herself on my cock. I lean back and enjoy the waves of pleasure she's sending through me, her extra push right at the end of the stroke, watching her lips slide up my shaft as she leans forward.

River wants to be on her back. To feel the blanket on her skin. To feel her pussy getting pounded. Deep missionary with her heels on my butt. I pull her legs up into minimagnetism and suddenly it feels amazing to both of us. River sounds like she's going to come, and I am going to come. I have to back off a bit. Neither of us wants this to end soon.

I put River's legs on my shoulders for jackknife. My cock squishes in and out of her quite nicely. But I'm going soft. That hasn't happened for a while. Is it the champagne? I'm confident I can get it back up. At least I hope I can. I stroke my cock a bit with some massage oil but it's not going anywhere.

But her pussy is staring at me, her fleshy lips calling to me, her bush beckoning. I put my mouth on her and press my tongue down on her clit. "You can give me hints." "It feels great." I feel great, my nose in her muff, inhaling her scent, looking up past her boobs to her face, my tongue working her clit, my hands holding her against me, both of us moaning. This is how it's supposed to be. "That feels really amorous. And hot." I answer when I can take a break. "It's meant to." Maybe I've finally got it figured out: fucking as foreplay. Get her warmed up with something she likes*. Then some cunnilingus. I love eating her when she's into it. And she is. I try to jack off to get myself hard again. But most of my attention is on her. I pull the skin at the top of her slit to expose her button for my tongue. And I'm still not getting hard.

"Do you have one in you?" "I might." She takes over on her button so we can each give ourselves some serious attention. She can come and I can be ready to fuck her when she comes. I slide my fingers into her wet pussy and circle her g-spot. River fingers her nipples and I oil them for her. Right about now Brook is outside the door and wants to talk to River. I get up to hold the door closed if necessary, and River sweetly persuades her to go back upstairs. I doubt River will be able to get herself off after that interruption. But I'm finally getting hard again.

"What do you want?" "Mmm, straight up my pussy." I oblige, a quick thrust straight up and in. "That's what I want." We do some vigorous banging, our bodies pounding together, River getting rug burn on her back as she gets pushed across the blanket. We kiss until I remember. "Sorry, I smell like pussy." My favorite, not hers.

She spreads her legs in the wide V and grabs her toes and suddenly everything clicks for us, I'm hitting a spot inside her pussy that feels great for both of us and we're both gasping and we both know this is going to be the finish. "I'm going to ..." and I can't even get the word out because I'm coming so hard and pushing in all the way and squeezing every last drop into her, "... come."

I get the washcloth for her. It's not hot any more, but the cool feels nice, and she appreciates having the washcloth and the towel to clean up. We wrap some presents, River sitting on the towel to catch the occasional drip, then get dressed and go upstairs.

"Same time next year?" "Did we just start a new tradition?"

* Or maybe it's the champagne. That would suck. Using alcohol as a way to get women to drop their inhibitions and open up, so to speak, is something I never learned, discovered, considered, or even thought of. It disgusts me.

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