Thursday, December 16, 2010

If I want something, ask

If I want something, ask. River is getting the kids off to school. "Would you have time for a quickie?" She checks the clock. "I think I would." I check whether there's anything I can do to help, then head upstairs. I want to be ready. No use wasting time getting hard. I'm on the bed wearing my shirt and oiling up when she comes in and takes her pants off. "I'll leave my socks on." "And your shirt." Seeing her bush under her shirt always turns me on. I'm kneeling on the bed. She gets on and kneels in front with her back towards me. We're ready to go. I reach under her ass. Her lips part easily in this position and I feel her enticingly wet pussy between them. She lubes it up even more, then we get my cock in place and she slowly sits back on it. "You must like that stick-in." "Yeah." We both like it. The hello kitty stick-in. This is a quickie so we go at it. We're fucking, the bed is making noise, and the kids are downstairs oblivious. She fucks me, I fuck her, I look at the incredible view of her back and ass, maybe she has her socks on and maybe she doesn't, I lean back and bang up into her pussy while she rocks back and forth, we're both feeling it. "I'm getting there." Just so she knows I won't be taking long this time. A few more thrusts and I'm there, I push forward, she pushes back, my come pumps into her. I'm expecting her to drip when I pull out in this position but my load went in deep. I pull my shirt off for clean up. She slips a pad into her panties and takes the kids to school.

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