Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post-bath body buttering and a slow come

"I could fall asleep now." "I might do you in your sleep." "I suppose I deserve that." "Is that an invitation?" "Do you need an invitation?" "I like one." "Then it is."

River has taken a bath. She wants to be slathered all over with body butter. I'm willing. I sit behind her and start with her back, down to her butt. She arches her back, emphasizing the shape of her perfect ass. Shoulders, arms, palms of her hands, fingers one by one. I reach around front and butter up her tummy while I look over her shoulder, getting the River's-eye view of her body. Under her boobs, over her boobs, buttering her nipples. I feel the blood flow to my cock. "It's amazing how feeling your boobs can do that to me." "You're heterosexual. And we're mates for life." I butter the tops of her thighs from behind then she rolls onto her back. I put each of her legs in turn behind my head to hold it in place and slowly and thoroughly butter her thighs, calves, feet, and ass, enjoying her awkward position.

River feels nice now, inside and out. She curls up on her side and delivers her invitation. I accept. I put plenty of oil on my cock. It's eager to go and responds quickly as I stroke it. The fingers of my other hand massage her boobs for good measure, taking in their compact resilience. Should I touch her pussy? I'll save that for when we start. My cock is nicely rigid. She can hear the glistening sounds of my fingers gliding slowly up and down its length. The anticipation of doing her becomes overwhelming. I kneel behind her in t-bone position, part her labia, and push my entire cock, hard and slippery, deep into her pussy. "That was a good stick-in." Yes, it was. The kind she deserves.

I grab her hip and she moans and we have a nice t-bone fuck. "Yes, I do like this position." Especially for the stick-in. I put my hands beind my back so all we can feel of each other is the penetration. Watch my cock disappearing into her darkness, and reappearing.

I lean sideways into upside-down spoons, my face peering up at her from between her legs. A playful fuck. We reposition into an interlock variation with our bodies scissoring at right angles and some nice deep penetration, each grabbing the other's leg and me holding myself up with my hand on the floor.

Time to get serious. We roll up into jackknife, look into each other's eyes, my cock plunges firm and deep, River liking it when I go left and right. I stop before I come. "When you come, do a slow one." "Ok." Maybe I can come with slow jackknife. Some nice slow jackknife strokes, our deepest position, angling and pushing for depth, my cock perfectly hard, watching it sink slowly into her pussy, until River flinches and asks if that was cervix. "It was more abrupt than cervix. Maybe it was the end of the tunnel."

We go through a few more positions, agreeing on the good spots with good friction, and end up in missionary. Serious again. Tonight's finisher. I'm going slow, River is moaning and gasping like she's trying to make me come, and I feel the build-up, my orgasm is maybe thirty seconds out. I hold the pace. Slow and deep. Let it get closer. "Slow . . ." I can feel the come leaking out already, a few more strokes and my orgasm starts, the first spurts coming during a long slow slide into her, all the way in by the fourth spurt, and on the fifth I can really feel the jizz flow out and I squeeze as much as I can into her before we relax together.

I grab my shirt to wipe up. Usually I let her do the honors but she's so sleepy that I wipe her up tonight, cleaning as much as I can out of her, digging deeper than usual. "I'm never sure how aggressive to be." "Me either." That makes me feel a little less awkward about cleaning the come out of her pussy for her.

"Was that slow enough?" "Yes, it was nice. And it seemed like a good one." "It was. Going slow was a good idea."

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