Thursday, August 4, 2011


Tonight we both see the shooting star. A good sign, I hope.

I’m sitting out on the balcony at night. Naked. The candle lantern lit. River comes out in a shirt and panties and immediately takes her place on the cushion. “I’m cold. I need a man blanket.” I’m a little slow to figure out that she means me. I walk over and take my place on her. We kiss. I feel a twinge. But I’m not quite ready to start. “I’m waiting for somebody to walk by.” “Pervert.” “I prefer ‘closet exhibitionist’.”

River can’t see over the low balcony wall from her position. But I can. The street is empty. I start anyway. My fingers find her obvious nipples through her thin shirt. “I left the shirt on for you.” “I like that.” Feeling her compact tits, or even just thinking about them, always warms me up. They’re my favorite tits. “I use you to get myself ready.” “I like it when you do that.”

We work her panties down her legs and over her feet. I sit between her spread legs, prepared to get going with no wasted time. I’m almost hard enough. But I want a decisive stick-in. My thumb circles her sticky opening. Moves up to her clit. My cock surges in response. I slip into her easily. Too easily. “Is that all period goo?” “Yes.” More than usual. Quite a quagmire.

River is laid out on the comfortable window cushion. She likes comforable. There’s just a towel between my knees and the wood decking. Comfortable enough for me. I like fucking. But every now and then I have to pull my knees in and join her on the cushion. I’ve noticed before that having her pussy a few inches higher than I’m used to makes a noticeable difference. Like she’s being served to me. Not better or worse, just different. Keeping things interesting.

My balls dangle in the fresh breeze as we fuck. My hands rest on River’s head and shoulder, providing opposition to my thrusts. River watches the sky. I close my eyes. We share a silent laugh when a neighbor comes out, gets in her car, and drives off, oblivious to the quiet sounds of fuck from across the street.

Again it’s not easy to come. Partly because River has an achy uterus and she only lets me go halfway in. We go through a couple positions to increase the friction. We end up in plow. It’s working. Whether it’s the friction, or River’s moans, or the sheer physicality of holding her by the legs while I bang her, I don’t know. But the moans always help. I’m still only going halfway in but my orgasm rushes up. “Almost . . .” My body contorts as I come and resist the instinct to plunge all the way into her.

“I really felt that one.” “What did you feel?” “Twitch twitch, pump pump, squirt squirt.” “I felt that, too.”

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