Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fucked raw

It’s a sweet fuck. It’s a thrashing fuck. It’s everything a fuck should be. Except neither of us comes.

We turn in kind of late. I’m pretty sure we’re going to finish what we started this afternoon. Maybe. We face each other on our sides. Our starting position of old. “How can I facilitate your . . .” Ok. We are. She reaches for my cock. Draws her fingers over it from the base to the tip. Wraps them around the base and gives a firm squeeze. Left-handed. “You’re very talented.” “That’s what I tell everybody.” “At getting me hard.” She tries our side-by-side stick-in. I feel my cock against her fuzz and the soft skin of her labia, but it's hard to tell quite what’s going on. “Is it in?” “Yes.” I give an experimental push. Maybe it is. Something’s got hold of it. “But I can’t bend the right way.” “We’ve done this stick-in sometime this year.” “Well it’s in but it’s not going to get much farther than half an inch.” She convinces me she can’t do the contortion. I swing on top. She rubs my cock against her clit, then slots it into her pussy. I push. “It’s not even working now.” She makes some adjustments and it slides into her. “I was being impenetrable.” And we fuck.

It’s a good erection. She’s got my favorite slippery friction. “I’ve got this urge to say I love you.” “Well?” It usually seems like such a cheesy thing to say while fucking that I rarely do it. It seems to mean “I love fucking you.” But tonight it seems right. So I do. “I love you.” “I love you, too.” We kiss and fuck. Sweet.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish tonight.” Side effect of the new med. “It feels great, but I’m not getting to the point where I can feel my orgasm which is where I usually am while we’re fucking.” An idea. “You can tell us when to end this time. Want to?” “Sure.” I think that will be a first.

The pace picks up. Fast. Hard. I thought we'd done fast and hard before. But this is faster. And harder. And longer. I’m demolishing her. Intensifying, no end in sight, fucking her to smithereens, and she’s enjoying it, her moans should be helping, but no finish tonight, just a nice hard sweaty fuck, until I give out and have to stop. “That really wore me out.” “Me too. I can’t believe you didn’t come.” Silly meds.

We slow down for more sweet. “Remember, you call the ending.” “Ok. Soon. I’m drying out.” “It still feels ok to me.” In all the way one last time. “It’s hard to stop.” “It’s hard for me, too.” “It is?” “When my old friend’s right there.” Poised for reentry. Ready and willing. But we’re through. “You fucked me raw. That hasn’t happened for a while.”

River points out that my difficulty coming raises some interesting possibilities. There might be a visit to the toy store in our near future. I’m kind of looking forward to being her sex machine. Her tool.

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