Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just a thought

We’re at a lake. Near a boat ramp. We don’t have a boat so I have no idea whether this is typical but the wrong sort of people are certainly attracted to the boat ramp today. The smoke blowing, obesing, personal watercraft noising, dog off-leashing, fake southern accenting type of people.

It’s a really nice day. Our picnic blanket is spread on a grassy slope. The kids are occupied. We’ve just had a nice sunny-spot kiss. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “Probably not.” She rarely is.

What am I thinking? I’d really like to get it on here and now with my beautiful sweetie in this beautiful (and comfortable) spot on this beautiful day. So what if some boat-rampers might notice and take some sort of misplaced offense? I can’t imagine they’d come over and bitch about it to us. If we can turn a blind eye to their off-leashing and their smoke, surely they can turn a blind eye to us?

But it doesn’t get any further than a thought.

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