Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Five days after

It’s been a while since we’ve rolled the dice for our schedule. Five days. I’m not sure why. Part of it is me wanting River to say “time to roll”. It’s nice to be relieved of the pressure of being in charge of sex, but if I’m always the one who has to initiate the dice rolls then the pressure is back. And it’s even worse, because I expected the pressure to be gone. And part of it is, well, it just hasn’t seemed like the right time.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. River will be spooning me in the morning, and I’ll say “and now is when you reach around and do this” and she’ll say “or get up,” and then get up. Or I’ll suggest “the balcony tonight?” and she won’t answer.

So here we are tonight, in bed, reading, turning out the light, snuggling. “When are we going to roll? Or is something just going to happen.” “I think it’s just going to happen.” “When?” “Now?” “Why?” “Because I’m getting a hard on.” Snuggling with my naked sweetie and talking about sex is getting me hard. As it should. I slip it between her legs. “I feel that.” I should hope so. I feel it too. “I like having a hard on.” I sigh and enjoy the dry hump. And roll on top. For something sweet.

River rubs her clit with my stiffie. She can do that as long as she wants. And she does it a long time tonight. Around and around, up and down. We talk about something unrelated. I always enjoy the incongruity. She pushes the tip down. It lodges against her opening. I smile. And push. And push some more. We feel it together as my cock bursts through the improbable spot into the nice juicy friction of her pussy. And we fuck.

We go through at least a dozen variations of me on top. But always with River’s legs spread tonight. She spreads them in her wide vee. She drives me with her feet resting gently against my legs. Pulls me in with her feet on my ass. I’m steep, shallow, deep, slow, fast, legs spread, legs crossed, hands on the bed, hands on her shoulders. We do reader position with one leg on my shoulder. It’s been too long. My cock plunges through the muff between her split legs. Her lips find mine and we kiss as we fuck. Some breaks for lube, leaving my cock inside, pushing the hard shaft left and right against her walls, flecks of dried River juice peeling from the base as I spread oil on it and dive back in.

“I think I can finish tonight.” The spark of orgasm is faint but growing stronger. “Excellent.” We don’t stop, just fuck and fuck, letting the feeling grow, until I’m coming, slamming into her with each spasm, milking it for all it’s worth. And we’re still fucking and talking as I slowly go soft.

“That was a nice one.” “Very nice. And a nice length.”

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