Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The worst of days

Neither of us is expecting the dice to come up “1” when I roll it in the afternoon. But it does. River winces a bit. It’s been the worst of days. “You should roll first next time.” Even I feel like that’s not what we needed tonight.

I hope I'm wrong. I wait in bed. Maybe she’ll do the start I’ve been wanting. Waiting a long time. Finally she’s here. “Are you going to start?” “How might I do that?” If I want something, ask. Or show. “Like this.” I put her hand on my limp cock. And hope I’ve got something tonight.

“Weren’t we rolling for tomorrow night?” A temptation to say yes. But I give in to the other temptation. “No. Tonight.”

Her rhythm is perfect. Pulling from the base up to the head. Lingering a moment, her fingers on my glans. Sliding back down after just the right amount of anticipation. How does she do it. My body moves with her hand. My cock thickens. Lengthens. Hardens.

“What do you need?” “I’m ok.” “I’d like to repay you for doing all the work.” By starting on top. There she is. Her face. Her breasts. Her bush. Her body. And mine. She slips me into her. The head penetrates. Small movements. Soothing sounds. She pulls me towards her and I fall completely into the delicious depths of her body. And we fuck.

I hug her. My weight on her. My head next to hers. I need this. I need her. Her solidity. Her comfort. Her acceptance.

I sit up. Hands on her breasts. Nipples between my fingers. She arches onto me. Her dark fuzz spilling over her mons. Enveloping her labia. And my cock. My hands on her stomach. Her hips. Pulling us together as she pushes onto me.

A glimmer of finish. It will just happen. We fuck. Her bush, her girlness, arousing me. Fucking me. Closer. Her face. Her breasts. Her body. Her acceptance. My sweetie.

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Wuv, Twue wuv.

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