Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A good one

We’re not scheduled for tonight. But all signs point to it. I wait for River in bed. For some reason I’ve left my gray boxer briefs on. Nostalgia maybe. I hear River come through the door. I look. There’s her white t-shirt with the dark square of face on the front. Accented by her dark triangle of bush below. I like it. “I almost asked you to keep your shirt on.” But I didn’t have to. She read my mind. I flip the covers up to display my undergarments as she gets in bed with me.

I run my hand over her firm ass, up her back under her shirt, over her shirt up to her hair. I undulate as we kiss, and start getting a reaction. I hope she’s getting one, too. I grab her and roll her on top. “That’s decisive.” Her pussy settles onto my cock, her lips spread on the fabric, the bump of her clitoris rubbing the shaft through my underwear. We get them off. “There’s something to sit on.” She deftly slips onto my cock and I feel her moist pussy engulf it. I close my eyes as she fucks me, her hands pressing on my chest, then on the wall behind me. I open my eyes, watch her leaning over me, her hungry triangle of bush repeatedly swallowing my cock. “You look strong. And powerful. In control. I like it.” “It’s an illusion.” More tiring than it looks.

She does single point, my favorite, her pussy slipping up and down my cock. She hugs in close, her elbows on the bed supporting her the same way I do when I’m on top. I imagine being River, being fucked by me on top. “I’m not as creative as you.” That's what she thinks. “It’s not so much creative as wearing myself out and having to find a new position. And I’ve got more possibilities.” She sits up. Slapping down hard. Her ass cheeks fitting into the hollows beside my groin. My hands find her nipples through her shirt. Rubbing. Squeezing. She fucks me in single point again. And wears herself out.

She leans back for a break. I take the opportunity to sit up and push her onto her back and take my place on top. And whisper. “I like it when you start on top.” She peels her shirt off as we fuck. There are my favorite tits. My hands take their turn pressing down on her chest while we fuck. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Her legs spread wide. Or her feet on my ass.

My hands move to her shoulders, pinning her beneath me, her legs pulled up to her chest, my cock plunging into her well-positioned pussy. I’m pressing her down hard, fucking her hard, listening to her, and I feel it. She takes all my weight as I come and squeeze my load into her. We don’t separate for a good five minutes. Just talk and relax and afterglow. “That was a good one.” “Yes it was.” Like fucking is supposed to be. Intimate and bonding. Playful and energetic.

“I’m glad you took your first opportunity to come.” “It would have been silly not to.” “I’m glad you could.” “It might have had something to do with holding you down and having my way with you.” “Cool.”

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