Thursday, August 11, 2011

We hear voices

River points out that we roll for morning and evening, but not afternoon. Aside from it being problematic to assign a probability to afternoon and do the math, it’s always been part of the plan that we can move a morning or evening session to an afternoon. If we want to.

I watch from behind as she puts on a pair of black panties and a filmy black shirt with nice details. “I wonder how you’d look in a thong.” Why would I suddenly wonder that? I’m really not a thong guy. Maybe for variety. River’s ass would look good in anything. “I might have worn one once.” “Not that I can remember.” “They tend to make girls’ butts look bigger.” “If anybody’s butt could look bigger and still look great, it would be yours. But you know my favorite style. With the strings right here.” I push her shirt aside and surprise, she’s wearing exactly my favorite kind of panties, the dark triangle in front fitting neatly over her bush.

“When you were talking about afternoon earlier, was that a hint?” “Yes.” We were scheduled for this morning but it didn’t seem like the right time to either of us. I’ve got a feeling that this medication is lowering my libido in addition to making it harder to come. But it’s not so low that I’d pass up an afternoon with River.

We’ve both got stuff to do, and we have to clear out the offspring, and it isn’t until about five o’clock that we’ve got an opportunity, thanks to a plan of River’s. I’ve come to realize that she’s pretty reliable when she comes up with a plan. But she reminds me, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.”

Her shirt comes off and her skirt drops to the floor, panties inside. Sunlight streams through the window. She stands in it. Her smooth solid ass is irresistible. As is she. I strip off. My cock lays against her ass crack as I oil her back and rub between her shoulder blades. Transitioning her from schoolwork to fooling around.

I oil her ass. My hands play over her cheeks, apart, together, down her thighs, thumbs catching her vulvar fuzz. The sunlight shining where it usually doesn’t. I keep one hand working on her back while I stroke my cock. “This is the part where you know what’s happening.” “I hope so.” “You hope you know what’s happening? Or you hope it’s happening?” “Both. I must be in the mood.” At least my ability to get an erection hasn’t diminished further. My cock hardens nicely as my thumb probes her pussy, and I contemplate what we’re about to do.

“This seems to be our default stick-in position lately.” “Only after back rubs. You started on top last time. And it wasn’t so long ago that I flipped you over after a back rub for variety.” “Have we done inviting lately?” “You read my mind. If we’d followed the schedule this morning that’s what I was going to suggest.” She bends her knee out. Rolls her juicy ass to a 45-degree angle. Her pussy peeks invitingly from between her legs and pulls me with an irresistible force. I position my hard cock against it. “Right in the invitation.” I push the entire thing in with one long steady thrust until my loins lodge against her ass. “Mmm, nice one.” I get an encouraging string of compliments as we fuck. “Nice grind. Oh, that’s good, keep doing that.” I think she’s taking advantage of my difficulty coming. I hope she is. I’m happy to oblige, giving her the fuck she wants. “I like your lips there. Friendly.” Beyond friendly.

“You look really nice in the sunlight.” Her golden skin. The well-defined relief of her back and ass. “It feels nice, too.” “I feel bad about blocking the light.” “We can do this position the other way.” She starts to roll and ends up in raunchy. I can’t pass up a chance to fuck her in this position, on her front with her legs spread in the daylight. When I’ve had enough I straddle her other leg and she rolls into inviting on her other side, the sunlight warming her body. “You get to do me, and my sister.” Her mythical horny sister. The one I’m always joking about. “Just don’t ask me which of you I like better.”

It’s another nice long fuck with her sister. The friction of her pussy is just right, slightly on the dry side but not too dry. I feel like I could come. But not yet. It’s a nice afternoon. “I like your wiggles.” Helping it go back in when I get greedy and pull out too far. “You look like you could fall asleep.” Eyes closed. Peaceful. “I’m relaxed. I can be relaxed and stimulated at the same time.”

“Maybe we could do this.” Up into low doggy. Of course we can do this. The view of my cock disappearing into her never fails to amaze me. “You should come back as a guy so you can see the view from back here.” “I’ll let you take a picture some time.”

“Is there some air in there?” She queefs around my cock. “How come you can tell and I can’t?” “Because I’ve got about a million nerve endings on that thing. They can tell when there’s air but they can’t tell whether they’re being poked into the right spot.”

It’s a good bang. Watching her surge forward with each thrust. Her cervix looking for a place to hide. “My tits are swinging.” If we’ve got her compact tits swinging that’s really saying something.

Then we hear voices downstairs. The front door is wide open. Our bedroom door is wide open. A friend is bringing our son back from a playdate. And calling River’s name. I’ve never seen her leap out of bed and dress so quickly.

When she comes back she stands over me and gives me the view up her skirt, her furry lips begging for attention. But it’s all over for now. “We can finish tonight.” “If I can finish at all.”

“I think you jumped out of bed and had your skirt and shirt on before you even hit the floor.” “That was funny.”

“Afternoon delight.” “Is that what that song’s about?” “Yeah.” I had no idea. Unlike River, I rarely listen to lyrics. Now that song’s going to be stuck in my head for days.

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