Sunday, August 28, 2011

Changing plans

Parts of this story take place over several days. On the first day, River and I are on one of our usual walks, having our usual kiss in a sunny spot, having our usual pleasant reactions. “We should really find some place nearby for when this happens.” But a quick look around doesn't find anything.

The next day we’re in bed. Having a pre-sleep kissy session. “This is when you’re supposed to be getting a reaction.” It’s obvious when I get one, but not at all apparent when River does. She says it’s implied, but I’m not sure I buy it. She generally mentions her reactions in sunny spots and other places where we can't take advantage of them, but rarely says anything about getting one in bed. An idea hits me. “We can park the car on our walking route, and use it when we need to.” Not much response, but in a good way. Like she might actually go along with it.

Today we’ve again deferred our scheduled morning sex. We’d like to go for a walk today. We even arrange our schedule so we can. “So where are we going to park the car?” Not much response, but in a good way again. I don’t press it.

It’s a busy day, and somewhat hot. Our walk hasn’t happened yet. River proposes we wait until after dinner. Fine with me. Then a surprise. “It won’t be very comfortable in the hot car.” That’s a good point. “How about the balcony tonight?” Sure. Twist my arm. “Ok. And I’d like for you to be on top for a while.” “Ok.” She's never been on top on the balcony before. I look forward to our first time.

I'm almost asleep on the bed in my clothes with the light on when River finally comes in. She leaves to brush her teeth. When she comes back I’ve taken off everything but my shirt, lying on the bed with my butt in the breeze. Hoping it’s not getting too chilly outside. “I don’t see the cushion out there.” “Look again.” It’s in a new place tonight. In a new orientation. Variety. River peels down to her skin and once again I marvel at how smooth and girly and hot she is. I guess she’s not worried it’s too cold. I take my shirt off, too.

I offer to butter her. She accepts. We haven’t done this particular pre-fuck ritual for a while. Up one leg, across her ass, lingering in her crack and between her legs which she's spread for better access, down the other leg. Up her back to her shoulders, down her arm.

It's nearly time to turn her over when we hear footsteps in the hall. Usually just a late night bathroom break for one of the kids. But this time they’re coming down the hall. All the way to our room. With our door open as usual. Good thing we haven’t started yet. River gets up, naked, to investigate the problem. I can’t believe this is happening.

She comes back and we pick up where we left off. Butter up her stomach to her breasts, kneading them, probing the muscles underneath, nipples slipping under my palms and between my fingers. She starts in on my cock. It’s slow to respond. I sit beside her, fingering her pussy, light circles on her clit, while she gets my cock to harden. Nice and easy. Making every stroke count. “You’re perfect. You must have had one of these in a former life.”

I don’t want it to end. But we’ve got a job to do. “I’m going outside.” Into the dark. The air is a pleasant shade of cool. I’ve forgotten the towel. River goes to fetch one. I try to keep myself hard while she’s gone, but it’s not working. We slip the towel under my ass, she straddles me, strokes me. “We might have to trade places.” I find her nipples, tug on them, feel the nubs slipping slowly between my fingers, listen to her sighs. And get hard enough. Her pussy slides down my cock. And we fuck.

Seeing River above me, surrounded by twinkling stars while we fuck out on the balcony in the open air, is amazing. Even better than I thought it would be. We should do this more often. Bring the whole mattress out here. The street is quiet. The only thing moving besides us is a plane, miles above. I wave. “At least two.”

“You’re farther off the ground than usual. I’ve got to lift my butt higher.” “I notice that when I’m on top. I kind of like it.” She fucks me in single point. She fucks me hugged close. I fuck back. Then let her do all the work while she single points me again, her cunt caressing up and down my shaft for an impossibly long time, me wishing I could come like this tonight, with River above me.

But she’s done enough work. We trade places. I straddle the cushion, my balls liking the cool air while I penetrate her warm snug pussy. “You always feel bigger when you’re on top. Thicker.” “Do you like it?” “Yes.” I gather her legs between my arms and press them to her chest, their stubble raking my skin while my cock drives cleanly into her pussy. I bring my knees up onto the cushion with her and go deeper. Harder. I feel a finish. Faster. My knees lose their purchase, I move them back down to the deck, there’s still not enough grip and I twist and writhe for friction, hoping there’s enough, barely finding what I need. “I’m going to finish.” Just saying it gets me there. Another twist, another writhe, another thrust, and my load spurts into her, more, deeper, milking one final squeeze. And that’s all I remember.

I like her on top on the balcony. Next time, doggy and hello kitty. Maybe next summer.

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