Thursday, September 1, 2011

“Are you surprising me?”

We were supposed to be on for Monday but we’ve postponed.  River tends to be squeamish about this time of the month.  I’m not so squeamish.  Doing it at a completely infertile time is, along with having the largest penis of any primate, part of us humans’ completely over the top sexuality.  Although for me at least it’s more emotional than physical.  Even though it’s plenty physical too.  But River has been suppressing her squeamish side for me lately.  So if she wants a break for a while, I’m fine with it.  But I do have one thing to say: “I have a job for you.”  “What is it?”  “When you’re ready, surprise me.”  “Ok.”

I was completely tired last night, and sleep in while River takes the kids to school.  I’m still in bed when she gets back.  She gets in with me.  With her clothes on.  “I feel irresistible.  It’s nice.”  I hope it’s as nice for her when she’s irresistible to me, which is nearly always.  She says it is.  “Hey.  Are you surprising me?”  “I could be.  I have time.  But I’m dressed.”  “Undressing you is part of the fun.”  Her shirt comes off quickly.  I’m slipping her pants down.  “I’ve still got my shoes on.”  What?  We don’t even wear shoes in the house.  Much less to bed.  I don’t think shoes are on the long list of things I’ve asked her to wear to bed for me.  But I lose track.  I do like her initiative.  And originality.  “See?”  She sticks her feet out of the covers.  Sure enough.  Shoes.  Now I want to do her with her shoes on, but I’d really like to get her pants off, so I untie her shoes then slip her pants, panties, and socks off.  And give her a nice warm naked snuggle.

My stiffening cock slides into place against her vulva.  “It sure likes being there.”  “It can stay there for a while.”  She’s got her hand there, doing something with it.  I can’t tell exactly what.  It’s a nice sensory overload kind of thing with me pulling back and pushing forward a bit.  “I like being played with.”

“It can go somewhere else.”  “Like here?”  “That feels about right.”  She wiggles.  I squeeze.  She slips onto my cock.  And we fuck in spoons.  Watching my cock glide in and out under her ass cheeks.  She rolls towards me.  “Quarter turn.”  Is she setting up interlock?  No, she folds her legs over mine and rolls towards me some more.  We embrace, pulling ourselves together into a compact space.  And talking.  Like nothing is happening.  Almost.

This time we’re talking about talking.  “I always like talking.”  “I wonder why.”  “I think it’s like talking while we’re holding hands on a walk.  It’s just not right not to talk.”  Even though sitting without the need to talk has been part of our relationship forever.

And we’re talking about doing it.  “I wonder why I like to do this so much?”  “The question is .  .  .”  “Why you don’t like to do this so much.”  “Yeah.  I’m a mammal after all.”  “You’ve got the mammally glands.”  “Yes I do.”  “And you like it now.”  “Yes I do.”  “And I’m supposed to remind you that you like this.”

And we’re talking more about doing it.  “It can seem a little strange, being the male, primarily responsible for the thrusting.”  We talk about the wikipedia page for Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?, with the “minor disturbance” and the “it wasn’t me” look.

And of course all this time we’re also fucking.  Her body bumps towards the head of the bed with each thrust.  “Maybe I can make you hit the wall.”  I bang harder.  She’s getting closer.  She reaches up to feel.  “Almost.”  One more bang and she hits it.

I could almost finish this way.  Wrapped up in a ball with River.  Face to face on our sides.  The scent of River’s well-fucked pussy filling the space between us.  Fancy hug at its finest.  But I move for the top.  “I need to take a pee break.”  Silly girl.  How she’s been doing this with a full bladder I can’t imagine.

She comes back and I start on top.  Expressions flash across her face in quick succession.  Happiness.  Satisfaction.  Playfulness.  Love.  Repeat.  It makes me feel good.  I stir her up.  She reaches for the wall and pushes back.  “Now I’m not primarily responsible.”

We’re fucking hard with me on top.  River’s appreciative sounds and expressions are coaxing my orgasm out of hiding.  She’s good at that.  But should I hold off?  I haven’t for a while.  It’s been difficult enough coming at all on this med.  But I try.  I stop moving, my back arched, my cock pushed into her.  But my parts their own ideas.  I didn’t think I was this close to the edge.  But I’m getting closer despite not meaning too.  It won't stop.  I reach the edge and fall over it, willingly, rushing down as my orgasm rushes up, crashing in the middle, being blown back upwards, and my scrotum tightening and my come shooting into her.

I bring her knees together in front of me for the afterfuck.  Watching my cock disappear under my favorite tuft of bush into the gap between her legs.  “I wish I could feel it get hard inside you and we could do it all over again.”  I get the impression River would like it, too.


Anisa said...

See? Dice may prove unnecessary. You two are good together.

Reed said...

Welcome back, Anisa. The dice help: I don't have to constantly be thinking about too much, too little, too soon, should I wait, whatever. It's actually kind of fun.

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