Thursday, September 8, 2011

Low doggy day afternoon

We’re on for this evening but we move it up to afternoon. We come home after a walk. “I’m trying to lure you.” I peel and get in bed. A soft breeze blows through the window. River joins me. I undo her bra. Pull it out the sleeve of her gray shirt while admiring her details. Slip her pants and panties off. Try to get hard while she’s off going pee. I’d like to be ready for her when she gets back. But it doesn’t happen. Even with the scenty musk of her vulva on my hand to keep me company.

“Well Mr Man, do you have a plan?” “Stick something of mine into something of yours.” River sits and bends forward for low doggy. Inspiring. I’ve been thinking of anal lately. This is the perfect setup. But I’m still not hard. My fingers probe her soft folds. Into her wetness. “Warm today.” I catch the lighter scent of her juices on my fingers. And it might be hard enough. We try. But it’s not going. “I’ll help.” She spreads her wings wide. I prop my cock up from underneath and squeeze and push. “There’s the juice.”

My cock stiffens nicely as we settle into our rhythm. The view is always breathtaking. River’s ass unfolding from the hem of her gray shirt, flaring smoothly from what looks like an impossibly narrow waist. A waist I grab for counterpoint to my thrusts.

My response feels more normal than it has in weeks. Almost like my old self. I keep myself on the edge, my orgasm hoping to surface as I alternately let it build and hold it off. I sigh, River moans. We’re not in a hurry.

We rarely do just one position. But low doggy is a good one. Good for starting. Good for finishing. I lean foward, lean back, hands on her, hands behind my back, but it’s really all low doggy this afternoon. We’ll finish like we started. And I’m glad my response is back. After being on the edge so long it’s incredible when my orgasm finally breaks through and takes over and I come, a screaming orgasm with no screams.

River squeezes as my cock softens inside her. She always wins. Eventually. I squish out of her and we grab our customary t-shirt from off the floor. It’s a nice treat when I have to change my shirt in the middle of the day.

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