Monday, September 5, 2011

We squeeze something in

“I’ll judge you by your cover.  You’ve got a nice cover.”  “You can touch my cover.”  I feel her smooth ass.  Right cheek.  Left cheek.  Down the slope to where it curves sharply into the back of her leg.  “I’ll wiggle my cover for you.”  I follow her from the shower to the bedroom.  Is she wiggling?  I hope not.  I don’t notice anything different.  Then it comes out of nowhere.  How does she do that?  Her curves go down her sides, in, out, and around, cradling her amazing ass as it tilts and swings back and forth and finally stops for a wiggle.  I pick my jaw up off the floor, only slightly damaged.  “How do you do that?”  “I’m girly.”  “I want to fuck you.”  “We can probably squeeze something in.”  “If I may be so direct.”  “So erect?”

The day is going by.  “Do you have plan?”  “I was working on one.”  “Did it involve parking the car somewhere?”  “We have access to the hotel swimming pool.”  Now she’s talking.  But I give her an incredulous look.  Does she think we’ll be the only ones there?  Maybe she doesn't care.  “For the kids.”  “Oh.  Right.”

She asks to be buttered.  I can never turn that down.  I request the futon, still opened into a bed in the library.  Right by the front window.  She agrees.  We’re so compatible.

I butter her.  All of her.  I always think I’m taking too long.  Getting her whole body to the smooth consistency that I like.  But she likes it as much as I do.  So it works out well for both of us.

I straddle her.  Her hand grasps my cock.  She knows what to do.  It responds quickly to her touch.  It’s often hard to tear myself away from one of her hand jobs and fuck her, but as good as this one is, I'm burning to feel my cock inside her tonight.  “Am I ready?”  “You’re ready.  I’m ready.  Get that bony thing in.”

We do.  And we have an awesome fuck.  Good thing we remembered to turn the porch light out.  Even though one of these days I swear I'm going to sell tickets.

“I neglected to compliment you for being in fine form last night.”  “Thank you.  You were in fine form too.  I got a little sore.  But I didn’t mind.”


Anisa said...

Where do your houseguests have to sleep? If that futon could talk... ;)

Reed said...

They sleep on the kitchen floor.

Anisa said...

If that kitchen floor could talk... If that balcony could talk... if that trampoline could talk...

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