Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walk the walk, or, River totally does me on top

“I’m thinking of a plan. The trampoline.” Did she really say that? She must be ovulating. Not that it seems to make much difference to her. What kind of girl doesn’t get horny when she ovulates? Or maybe I’ve got her sister today. Just when I was thinking that outdoor sex season may be winding down this year. But the nice weather has been hanging on. I agree with her plan before she can change her mind. And I’m in a good mood all day.

One of the kids gets an impromptu sleepover guest. That’s usually a death sentence for any kind of action. But part of the deal is they go to sleep at a reasonable time. River is watching out for us. It looks like she doesn’t want her plan to come crashing down around us. Or maybe she’s just watching out for the kids. Probably both. She’s very efficient that way.

The kids decide to camp in the living room. Not ideal. They’re still awake and talking shortly after ten. Of course. “I don’t think we’ll be able to sneak past the kids.” What? Is she pulling the plug on her pleasantly surprising plan? On possibly the last chance we’ll have for naked outdoor sex this summer? Pulling the plug with no warning? After I’ve been looking forward to it all day? I thought she was watching out for our plan. But maybe it was just wishful thinking. Interpreting things the way I wanted to see them. But still if the plan is going to change why wait until the last minute to give me any kind of clue? This is bad. Very bad. I feel the backlash coming on. Even though I know it does more harm than good. That it does no good at all. I’m sure River can feel the impending backlash, too. How can I stop it? I can talk the talk. It’s time to walk the walk. But can I do it.

Yes. This time I've got a support crew. Anisa. And Natasha. Solidarity. I can’t let them down. I have to walk the walk. I can't not do it.

I try the obvious thing. Don’t change the plan. Find a way to make it work. “We don’t have to sneak.” But I can hear the backlash in my voice. “The kids won’t care what we’re doing.” Feel it in my thoughts. I go down and walk through the living room and hang out in the back yard for a while to demonstrate. The kids don’t even notice me. Back upstairs. “I thought you were bringing the cushion up for the balcony.” “That would be hard to explain. I was just showing that we don’t have to sneak.”

It’s not working. I can still feel it.

“Isn’t the aurora supposed to be out tonight?” What is she talking about? “Not from here. Not with a full moon.” Oh wait. Is she doing what I think she’s doing? “Is that an excuse to sneak through the living room?” “Yes.” “It won’t work. They’ll want to come look, too.”

Anisa and Natasha. Walk the walk.

There is silence between us. River breaks it. “I’m not sure what to do.” “Me either. At least I know what not to do. No backlash.” My hand wanders to her bush. My fingers find her clit. I circle it, a nice easy pace, sliding her hood across it. Her wetness smacks below. She drapes her leg over mine for better access. Her hand wanders down to join mine. “Are you taking over?” “I might have one in me.” I let her take over. I reach under her leg for my cock, stroke the top gently while I listen to her pussy, and her moans, and start to get hard.

Her pace is much faster. I count eight circles each time my hand goes down and up on my cock. Then ten. “Is it ok if I fuck you in your second?” We haven’t done come first fuck second for a while. “Yes.” She works hard. And long. I hope she doesn’t wear herself out. I’m just keeping myself hard. Waiting for the proper time. But she’s giving up. She’s now on the same med I am, which can’t help her already difficult response. At least she tried. “Do you have something for me?” “Yes.” A nice hard one.

I start on top. “At least you got a good warm-up.” “Yes, I did.” My cock enters her well-lubricated pussy easily. I get full penetration on the first thrust. And we fuck.

River reaches back for the wall. “I’m going to foil your plan.” I lean back and pull her up on top. She fucks me long and hard. Hugging close, sitting straight up, hands on my chest, my hands pushing against her tits. I’ve never seen her work so hard on top. She’s wild. Unstoppable. And sweet. She fucks me long enough and hard enough. I feel it. “Almost . . .” I come. My hips lift upward into her. I clench and drive into her body as I grab her shoulders and pull her down onto me while my jism pumps. That was incredible. I almost can’t believe she got me off with my impaired response. She’s going to be sore.

The next day we talk. I tell her how I was saved. Good thing. She was preparing an enormous counter-backlash. That’s all I want to hear about it.


Natasha said...

I completely get the cold weather thing, as our pool is almost too cold now for any night time shenanigans, so you have my sympathies. And River provides the absolute best reason for not getting backlashy. The counter-backlash. Which easily leads to a counter-counter-backlash...which leads to nobody getting any for a lonnnng time. Well done, you two!

Anisa said...

Picture us standing on the sidelines, cheering you on with our pom-poms...
Wait, what? No, don't picture that. That would be weird. Just keep doing what you're doing. And keep telling me what to do, because for all that you say you suck, you're usually right. (Usually.)

Reed said...

Anisa, that's a nice twisty way of saying that I suck. At least usually. Well done.

Natasha, as I say to myself: Badness begets badness. Break the cycle. Walk the walk. I am still learning.

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