Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magic wand

“Are you grumpy?” “I got over it.” I had to listen to a whiny Brook for a while, then River came back from her girls’ thing with alcohol on her breath. Just wine, but by the time you’re exhaling that stuff it all comes out the same and it brings back things I don’t want to remember. But while River’s been off reading to Brook I’ve been thinking about how she deserves a sweet sweetie and not a sweetie who’s part of her stress problem. Thinking good things. Thinking of all the wonderful things she does, like making dinner tonight, making appointments for the kids, paying bills, being my sweetie.

She undresses, managing to take her shirt and bra off at the same time. I’ve got the magic wand ready for her experiment. But we haven’t seen each other all day and I need a bit of emotional warmup so we snuggle and talk for a while. “I’d like to warm you up first.” “What did you have in mind?” “Muff dive.” I’ve even shaved. “I thought you might.” “But you like hand jobs.” I stroke her silky fur as we talk. Move my fingers and rub lightly over her vulva. Beside her labia. Up to the front. Nestle her clitoris between my fingers. Try to emulate her deep circles. Not too fast at first. I wonder if I’m doing anything for her. We’ve got the magic wand out because her response has been off lately and she wants to see if she can still orgasm at all. She relaxes and closes her eyes. If I’m not warming her up, I’m at least warming myself up.

The magic wand buzzes to life. I sit on the bed next to her, watching her indirect technique. I fondle the inspiration on her chest. In less than a minute I’m hard and she’s laughing. “Did it work?” It couldn’t possibly have. Not that fast. She must be laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. “Yes.”

She smiles and relaxes. I push my cock into her while her hand goes to her muff. “Let’s see if I can do it the old-fashioned way. The second one is usually easy.” I nudge my cock head barely in and out of her opening while she does the familiar circles on her clit. But she grabs the wand again. “Can you feel that?” “Not so much. I can feel it more when you’re doing it.” But my hard cock parked just inside her pussy feels nice. “I’m thinking a slow fuck in the orgasm.” “Ok.”

Again it doesn’t take long. “Here it is.” I start slow but I can’t control myself, speeding up and banging hard while she has her second. And I have my first. She uses her hand while we keep fucking. When she has her third I fuck her through it, jackknifing her, until I get too aggressive and fall out.

I’m glad she isn’t completely anorgasmic. But her magic wand orgasms never seem quite real to me.

We get under the covers. She’s got that look on her face. Yes, something is stirring under them. “River’s seal of approval.”


Natasha said...

Everyone deserves a sweet sweetie. This is a nice story.

Anisa said...

I'd be using it even more than she does if I were like that. Just because they're fast and easily obtained doesn't mean they're not real.

And yes, you are a sweet sweetie. <3

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