Friday, September 2, 2011

“What was that? Your cherry?”

It’s afternoon.  “I was getting a reaction thinking about you this morning.”  Getting out of bed with my mostly erect cock and flexing it in her direction.  We kiss.  “I’m getting a reaction, too.  I have time.”  “For a quickie?”  A spontaneous, unscheduled quickie.  “It would be silly.”  “We like silly.”  “Yes we do.”  She suggests we go sit somewhere friendly.  The sunny balcony.  I drink tea.  She eats a salad for lunch.

Inside.  The bedroom door is uncharacteristically closed; there’s someone working downstairs.  I pull off River’s shirt and running bra.  It’s a tight fit.  “If these things were any bigger I’d never get this off.”  “Maybe I’ve got a new thing for bondage.”  There are the straps on the floor, hoping night after night to be used.  But this is supposed to be a quickie.  “I’ve got a thing for this.”  I feel her tit, the soft nipple filling the space between my fingers.  I reach around her back for the other one.  “And for this.”  “Yes you do.”

Her black leggings come off.  Her socks stay on.  She’s so cute when she’s stripped to her socks.  We got some stripy thigh socks she’s supposed to wear to bed, and wrap her fuzzy legs around me as my cock slips into the gap between them, but I don’t think she ever has.

My blue shirt and black jeans come off.  My boxer briefs stay on.  For texture.

She sits on the edge of the bed and lies back.  Her pussy perches before me.  Lustily.  I want to taste it.  Run my tongue through the folds.  But this is supposed to be a quickie.  I rub my cock against her through the boxer briefs, the texture gritty against her clit.  I harden.  How to get the boxer briefs off?  It’s not as elegant as me whipping River’s panties up her legs and over my head.  But we get them.  She spreads into her vee.  My cock finds her pussy.  I push.  And push.  There’s an audible pop as my cock finally bursts through.  “What was that?  Your cherry?”  “Yeah.  About time!”

I don’t have much room to work with.  My knees are at the edge of the bed.  But I kind of like it.  Having to figure out what to do when I need to shift my weight to keep going.

I pound hard.  Driving the expressions that race across her face.  Inspiring expresions.  Sometimes I can’t believe she likes this.  I sure like it.  A nice spontaneous fuck with my sweetie.

My orgasm drains me.  Every drop of come squeezed from my body to hers.  I feel better now that I’m coming somewhat more normally.  But what about her?  “When’s the last time you had one?”  “Not too long ago.”  It’s always too long ago.

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