Thursday, September 29, 2011


“Were you expecting something?” I wasn't quick enough on the draw when River bent over to get the washcloth from the floor of the shower. “Yes.” Nice. Except that’s more of a reflection on me. Expecting me to grope. Or something. “Were you expecting, or hoping?” “Yes.” She is Mona Lisa overdrive this morning. I try to resist her teasing ambiguity. It’s not possible. “Were you hoping?” “Yes.” Now I’m hooked. “What were you hoping for?” “Some of this.” She bends over. Wiggles her ass against me. I should be getting harder but the shower is no longer a good place for me. At least she's impressed when she turns around.

We’re not on until next Monday. Looks like we’ve got a bit of a tease going on again. It worked out pretty well last time. “By next Monday you’re going to be begging for it.” (That’s me saying that.) Neither of us thinks we’ll make it to Monday though.

Into the bedroom. River puts on some panties and knocks me back on the bed. Is this a replay of two days ago? She sits up and grinds me. “Are we teasing? Or fucking?” “Teasing.” I can live with that. She sproings off. “Who’s going to be begging for it by Monday?” “Both of us.”


Anisa said...

I hate being teased. But she sounds like she's cute while she does it. Fun for you!

Natasha said...

You two are very cute. I'm with Anisa, though, I hate being teased, too.

Reed said...

Yeah, we're so cute I don't know how I can stand it. Being teased is ok as long as I know I'm being teased. I tend to think of it as all-day foreplay. Or in this case, all week.

Natasha said...

All-week foreplay? I'm shanking someone in the yard. That would make me nuts. But then I'm a woman on the edge most of the time anyway. ; )

Anisa said...

Natasha, I totally agree. It's not like I *need* to be teased into being ready to fuck, 99% of the time. It's not fun. Too much like tickling. Makes me feel out of control in a terrible way.

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