Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pure energy

River comes home from a run. Delightfully hot and sweaty. “My old distance feels like a warmup now.” “A warmup, huh?” “I might be able to squeeze in something, and some food, before my appointment.” I start shedding my clothes in the living room. “Upstairs.” I follow her up the stairs, my cock starting to harden in the afternoon air. I hoik her black leggings down over the yellow panties blossoming on her ass. The panties and leggings come off in the bedroom. She slips her sports bra down. “So that’s how you do it.”

She lays her hot sweaty body in classic position on the bed. I take my place between her legs. “I guess I’m wrong. This morning wasn’t the last erection I’ll ever get.” You never know. One of them has to be. “I’ll try to get it nice and hard for you.” “Good.” That should be easy. Afternoon seems like a good time. It’s getting to be a habit. A good habit.

“I want a nice hard one. Nice and decisive.” “All the way in with one push?” “Uh huh.” My thumb circles her clit. Dips into her nicely wet pussy. My cock stands on its own. I aim straight for her vagina. It’s halfway in with one push. But I’m still pushing. River gasps. And it’s all the way in with one long push.

Her sweaty body has cooled in the breeze from the balcony door. I drape myself on her, my warm dry skin against her cool moistness. “You’re clammy.” We’re both smiling, watching her get fucked hard. She doesn’t even have to use the wall. I use her head to smack our bodies together in an energetic fuck. Press her breasts with my hands. Hold her ass off the bed. Put my hands down beside her waist. Lift her legs up in front of me. All the while fucking furiously. And she is wearing me out. I wish I could take up running with her. But I can’t.

“We can hello kitty and you can let me do the work.” She rolls over and sits back on my cock. She can do a lot of work in this position but watching her hair flow onto her back, watching her ass as she works her pussy up and down my cock, listening to her sounds, imagining her face, everthing makes we want to fuck back, and I do, pulling out and slamming back up in time with her bounces.

We take a break for some low doggy. This has been a rather strenuous fuck. A good afternoon fuck.

I pull out and and press the head of my cock against her asshole. “I’m still thinking of this.” “You could probably get away with it.” But I’m having too much fun fucking her pussy. “Today it’s the thought that counts.”

She sits back up, her warm hands on my legs, pushing with her arms to lift herself and fall down onto my cock. Her pace is a sprint to the finish. I reach for her tits, feel her nipples, feel my orgasm. Hope we can keep this up. We can. We do. She knows I’m close. It’s almost too soon when she settles down onto me to grind out my orgasm, but I’m coming, and she’s grinding, and I’m breathing hard and exhausted. She grabs our handy pulsox monitor and puts it on my finger. 129. “I gave you a workout.” “You totally out-fucked me.”


Anisa said...

My fucking heroes.

Natasha said...

The cartoon is brilliant. Truly.

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