Friday, September 23, 2011

Sort of

We’re both in bed reading. This is never going to go anywhere. I put my book down. Open River’s new coconut tangerine body butter. I’ll just start with her feet while she’s still reading. But she puts her book down. “What are you going to butter?” “Anything you want.” She gets a full body buttering. Starting with her feet. Up the front. Up the back. Ending with her ass. “I'll have the softest ass in town.” Lucky me.

She knows what I’m doing when I take one hand off her. And put it on myself. Do I have anything tonight? Apparently yes. She turns around to look. I’m happy I’ve got something for her to see. “I forgot we both rolled .” She didn’t know what I was doing back here? It’s kind of funny to surprise her. “I got myself all warmed up.” “I want to sleep.” “You can do that.”

My thumb dips under her ass to her pussy and guides my cock in while we talk. Do we fuck? Depends on what you mean by fucking. “I could just pull back out and we could call it good.” “That would be weird.” But we’re all about weird. Weird is memorable. “It’s hard to stop.” I catch something about going to sleep in this position. I stir things around a bit. She reaches backwards and hugs me closer. Then we roll into spoons and say goodnight. My cock slips backwards inside her as it slowly softens.

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