Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hot cross buns

So here we are Tuesday morning and we’re supposed to have sex. “Do you have a plan?” “No. Do you?” “No.” Ok then. I spoon on River and she puts my mostly limp dick between her legs. “That’s a nice spot.” “Good.” A bit of dry hump and I’m getting hard. Hard enough? Maybe she’ll reach down and put it in. But apparently the next move is mine. Now I have a plan. I don’t want to do a spoon start this morning. I want to start with her legs over mine. I’m toying with a new name for this position: hot cross buns.

I roll her towards me. She knows where we’re going. Her legs fold over mine. She puts it in place. We push together. No backing off. I squeeze. And suddenly it pops through and slides several inches into her pussy. Mmmm. How does that feel so nice. “I’m wet today. Slickery.” I pull all the way out on each stroke to emphasize the smacky sounds. Then I push her legs up to go deeper. “You’re steering me.” “I just do what I like.” “Works for me.” It feels so nice that on some other day I could finish like this. Even though this isn’t usually a finishing position. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish today at all.

I sit up. Knees forward. River on her back. Her legs sticking up in front of me. We get a nice long rhythm going. River pushes against the wall. The steamy scent of her pussy wafts in my direction. I watch my cock disappear between her dark lips again and again. I can almost feel an orgasm building. She tires. I take over, grabbing her hips, pulling her against me. Holding her feet above me and bouncing her ass on the bed in time to our fuck. “That felt nice.” “And smelled nice.” “Glad I could provide you with multisensory stimulation.” “And it looked nice, too.”

We fuck in missionary with her feet on my ass. We fuck in jackknife. We fuck with her legs spread wide. And we hear kids in the hall. River throws the cover over us, but we stay together. False alarm. “Morning sex.”

“I don’t think I can finish.” “How would it be if you could only come when I come?” “You’d have to have a lot more orgasms.”

I roll into our starting position, only on the opposite side. “You’re tickling my g-spot.” Good to know. I speed up a bit. “How’s that?” “Slower was better.” Also good to know. I feel for my cock. Wiggle it up and down. Side to side. She squeezes. “Is it figuring out it’s not going to get to finish?” “Seems like it. But it’s hard to stop.” I rock her legs up and go as deep as I can in this position. “Maybe you can help.” “How?” “By sproinging out of bed.” But I don’t let her. I keep fucking her slickery pussy until she rolls over and abandons my still-hard cock.

“You’re crusty.” “I like it that way.”

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