Saturday, August 13, 2011

A convert, or, problem solved

We’ve had a dinner date and a generally nice day. I put divbyzero on the squeezebox and zone out while I wait for River. She gets right on top. Aggressive. I love seeing her above me like that. “I’m not getting any response at all.” To playing with my part. “You’re not supposed to say that.” It must be bad. She’s always so patient and encouraging. I can feel that the valves have closed, but not enough. I reach down and all I can do is laugh at my limp noodle while she flops down next to me.

But I have a plan. Something to get us both going. “I can dive your muff.” “I was thinking of starting with my part.” Her hand drifts to her bush. Her fingers start the circles. She hasn’t said yes or no. But I’m happy to let her get started. Makes my job easier. “Well?” “You can dive.” The big cushion is still beside the bed. I kneel on it, and we get her pussy pulled around to face me. “I hope I’m not smelly. But you’ll probably like it.” She smells like girl. My girl. I do like it. Her scent is going right to my parts.

I’m face-to-face with her flaps and folds. The hood. The lips. The opening. My tongue dips into the dusty tang of her pussy. Then plunges. I work my way up to her clit, circling my tongue on it, feeling the hood slide over it. I hum, looking for the perfect pitch. It’s like a vibrator, she says. I take a few short breaks to dry her off with a shirt. “I’m wondering how long you can do that.” “Quite a while.” I lose track of time doing things I like.

River doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t have to. Her body tells me everything. Her pussy moves under my mouth as her hips gyrate. Her fingers are on her nipples. I must be doing something right. And my body reacts to hers. My breathing is heavier. And so is my cock.

“I can finish. It’s not far off.” “Ok.” I’m happy to let her take over. Happy to have gotten her as far as I have. I watch her labia follow her fingers. Slip a finger inside. Feel the familiar ridge at the back, the texture over her pubic bone in front. Two fingers in, pressing her g-spot, circling it, trying to spread them against the inwards force of her walls.

“I’m reacting.” “Good.” I position myself on the few remaining inches at the edge of the bed. Push my hard cock halfway in. Leave her some room. She said it wasn’t far off but she’s taking a while. I hope I haven’t been distracting. “Here it comes.” She takes her hand away and I plow into her. How long I can last with this med slowing me down? How long can she last? She goes crazy as I hammer her, pulling me up onto her, a complete frenzy of fucking, trying not to fall of the bed, how long can we go, holding onto her head, and incredibly after what seems like ages I feel an orgasm and I’m straining and fucking and my come is gushing into her, flooding her, we both feel it, it’s dripping down her crack onto her ass and another wave of orgasm hits her and I’m not sure how it ends but somehow it does.

“Problem solved.” It feels like it’s been a week since I’ve come but really it’s only been four days. And two fucks.

“Do you have another one?” “Maybe. It might be too late though.” It seems like it’s been a long time since her first one. Or one and a half. Orgasm with a bonus at the end. But her hand is back in action. I grin with satisfied envy. “Let me know when it happens.” It doesn’t take long. “Here it is.” But this one is obvious, with her pelvis flicking upwards, one, two, three, four, many. I wish I could feel it with her. But at least I can be with her. She gets her third, but she’s hit her diminishing returns for the night.

“You’re getting really good. You’re making me into a convert. And I don’t say that lightly.” What kind of girl doesn’t like cunnilingus. “I had a really good time. Thanks for helping.” I’m going to sleep with a giant grin that will float above the house and light up the neighborhood.

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Pleasant Companion said...

I always thought having perfect pitch would be annoying. WRONG.

Giant grins make me grin.

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