Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"We have the whole afternoon to ourselves." I hadn't even thought of that. We talk about River's boobs. I really like them. A lot. River is not so happy with them. She doesn't see them like I do. Literally. I want to show her what I see. Why she is so nice to look at. "This would be a good time to try some topless shots with the window light." Seems like she'll do it.

Laundry. Baking. I eye River's chocolate. A chocolate heart appears for me. River makes licorice tea with the tea kettle. She is so sweet. Being together for an afternoon. River is facebooking. I don't mind, it's relaxing, but I'm wondering about the pictures. "Do you want to do the window light pictures? I don't think we'll have a better time than this."

We do them. River in pink stripy panties. She's hot. I'm trying to give more direction. I've got ideas from how I've seen her position her body in the shower. Arms. Turn. Look. "That's good." We look them over. "This is what I see. Look at that shape. That's hot." I think River agrees. "I'm getting a reaction."

River falls back on the bed. We kiss. I get on top. Passionate. I'm getting hard. I stand up and strip. "You want some sex?" This is unbelievable. She's been out-initiating me 3-to-1. "You've still got something in your panties." "You can whip them off." Whip. Off. Rub our parts together. But not too long. "Can it go in?" "It's been harder, but it might like being in there." River puts it in. It likes it. "I'm fucking the girl in the pictures." Default. I sit up. Slide it in and out. "That's a nice view." Harder. Hands on stomach. "You feel huge." River grabs my balls. Rubbing the bottom of my nuts. Just the right spot. Insane. Jackknife. See the tuft of bush. Hands hold my weight on her breasts. "Am I squishing you?" "In a good way." Slow. Hard. Faster. I have a waterline from River's period*. I don't mind. "I come." I'm right at the edge. One slow thrust and I hold it in and come. "I like that nice controlled come." I like it too. It's a nice release.

We snuggle and relax. "You feel nice." "You too." "I wasn't expecting that." "Neither was I." Some things are just right. And sexy. "You still feel like my new girlfriend." "That's amazing." "You're amazing."

* "I had a waterline." "On your . . . cock?" Funny word for River to use. "Yeah. I didn't think you'd want to see it . . ." "I wouldn't." "So I cleaned it off." "That's what you get for talking a girl into doing it during her period." "Oh, did I talk you into that?" "Not this time, but maybe last night." Normally that would make me feel pretty bad, but somehow being able to talk River into doing it during her period makes me feel good. Desirable. Sexy. Trusted.

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