Tuesday, April 12, 2011


“I should warn you that I’m still dripping. If you want to eat me.” “No worries.” What kind of person would I be if I made her drip all day then shied away from my own jizz. I’m looking forward to it. When she brought a pineapple home from the store I suggested it would go nicely with my plans for tonight. She’s game.

After this morning I’m ready to go again. “Would you like to see whether you’ve got one in you this evening? No promises for later, but I’m in the mood now.” “Probably. But let’s see how we feel later.”

We’re in bed together fairly early. Snuggling for warm up. Although I’ve got a feeling that maybe River would rather back out. Which would be fine. That’s what we agreed on.

My hand roams her body. Her small tits, nipples perking through my fingers. The soft skin of her inner thighs. Her scratchy muff, bare skin on either side. Her succulent lips.

The comforter covers her body, her face at the top, her bare legs emerging from the bottom. I position myself over her. “Remember the time we did it like this? It felt kind of chaste.” With the comforter between us. “Hardly chaste.” “You know what I mean.”

We move to the edge of the bed. The comforter blocks my view of her face. All I can see are her legs. And her pussy. She tastes good tonight. The tangy taste that I like. Extra tangy. Like limeade. I love limeade. I lap at her hole. Licking it up. Push my tongue in as far as I can. Tease her clit, then settle in on it. I’m glad we left a strip of fur. What’s a muff dive without some muff.

“I can tell you’re working hard, but I’m not feeling much.” I can tell. She’s not trying much, either. She’s been fairly inert. I try to make up for it by pulling her into my face and being my usual enthusiastic and attentive self, but it doesn’t go anywhere. “That’s ok. I’m working on something else for you to feel.” I move my tongue back down to her opening and the limeade really does it for me. Mouth-watering. I get hard quickly, nice and hard, like I knew I would.

I rise and stand at the foot of the bed in obvious readiness. No hands required. Just get it in the right place and push. Feels a bit crude. In a good way. It takes some wiggling on River’s part before it slides into her. River juice, this morning’s jizz, a touch of oil, and now my own saliva are all mingling in the crucible of her cunt. I give it a good stir, my cock straining, trying to expand past the edges of its own hardness, her pussy both soothing and invigorating.

The comforter covers all of River’s face but her mouth. What does she see in her mind? Colors? Someone else? Nothing? I’m not even sure what I see with my eyes open. My sense of touch overwhelms. The firm softness of her body under mine. Her warmth. The pressures where we come together. The tip of my cock, only wanting one thing, so sensitive yet unaware of most aspects of its surroundings. The shaft, being rhythmically caressed up and down by the ring of her pussy opening. The base, snugging satisfyingly up against her.

My chest presses down against the slight stubble of her lower legs and I feel alive. My hips arc my cock in and out of her pussy and I feel wanted. My movements are automatic. Instinctive. Like breathing. Then I take control of the thrusts. I do what I want. Microfuck, just the head in her opening. Steep fuck, watching my cock descend downwards into her, beneath her dark strip of curly brown fuzz. G-spot fuck, with the complex tactile sensations of my cock grazing past the textures of her front wall. Her hands on my waist, on my ass, her nails on my back. My hand on her shoulder, gripping meaningfully, my arm tensing as I pull her firmly against me in counterpoint to my thrusts, her moans encouraging me.

“Ok.” Again I haven’t held off. I haven’t encouraged it. It’s just here. And it’s going to be a good one. She pulls me towards her as I come, gasping and panting and collapsing.

I feel her trying to push me out. I resist. Who will win? She will. She always does. I’m at my most vulnerable. “And I have a secret weapon.” I have no defense. She coughs, and I squirt out.

I wish she’d had one in her.


Margot said...

I can't get over "mingling in the crucible of her cunt." Fantastic.

Also: getting eaten out after my partner orgasms inside me might be one of my favorite things.

Reed said...

Fucking as foreplay. We like it, too.

Cleo x said...

At last sex how it should be how refreshing! haha

I love the detail that you go in to about a males perception of a females body its a fascinating insight of the details that you pick up. Keep up the good work

Cleo x

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