Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something straightforward

I have an impulse to proposition River during our walk. After our kiss in a sunny spot. “Would you like to do it today?” “Yes.” I don't know why, but everything that happens the rest of the day is hilarious.

She’s in bed. Under the covers. Partly dressed. Partly undressed. I strip while she watches. Something is happening under the covers. Her blue stripy panties trickle off the side of the bed and fall to the floor.

I straddle her. Pull her shirt off. Unhook her bra. Feel her tits. Feel myself start to get hard. But just barely. She puts her hand on my cock. I close my eyes and breathe deep and heavy. In about a minute she’s given me a nice hard one. The kind I want. She deserves a good fuck for that.

“‘Fuck me,’ she said.”

I leave my hands on her tits. My weight pressing down on them. She rubs my cock on her slit, down to her opening, up to her clit, the teasing way she does. When will she put it in? This time? I hope she does. And I hope she doesn’t. The tease is so nice. And my cock is so hard. This time? Down to her opening. Back up to her clit. I know she can’t hold out forever. She wants it. This time? She slides it down and I feel it stick. I push in. She puts her feet on my ass and pulls me in farther. I feel wanted.

“You . . . are really wet. What would you like to do with such a wet pussy?” “Something straightforward.” That would be me on top and straight up the middle.

I keep my weight on her tits while we fuck in default. Lay my body on hers for missionary. We’re both in good form. Harder. Wetter. Deeper. Stronger. Would jackknife be straightforward enough? Probably. She knows where I’m going and puts her legs on my shoulders. I know where I’m going, too. Into that fuckably wet pussy of hers. Feeling for cervix. My cock raking across her g-spot. River’s faster-than-mine speed. Steady. Something straightforward. Is it working for her? Or is something wrong? The sounds she’s making are hard to read. But I know she’ll tell me if something is wrong. So I just fuck.

I’m upright again. Watching my cock fucking into her slot. Seeing her hands on the wall, pushing back. My finish is getting closer. I know she won’t have one in her so I don’t bother asking. Just work on mine. Maybe mini-v. She calls it stimulating. So do I. Too stimulating. Now would be a good time though. But it’s not a satisfying finisher for me. I’d make that sacrifice. But my hardon is too strong and I want something better. But she gave it to me. But she’s always appreciative no matter what and she deserves the best. But I won’t be able to sustain it for long. Would that still be good?

My decision is made for me. We push together as I come, a satisfying come with a hard cock.

“I’m glad you know what I mean by straightforward.”

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