Thursday, April 14, 2011

Static come

We’ve got something to do at one or two in the morning tonight. Not that kind of thing. Just something. River hints that I might appreciate her being in the right frame of mind this evening. “I wouldn’t turn that down.” She even suggests we could pass several hours that way. I offer to take some pharmaceutical enhancement, but she discourages it. Although she admits she does like being fucked by a nice hard one. Yes, she does.

But at ten o’clock we’re both tired. How could I be tired? I don’t get tired like River gets tired. Too tired to fuck at the end of the day. But this must be how River feels some nights. How strange. Maybe that wine at dinner wasn’t such a good idea.

“This might just put us to sleep. But we could watch a movie. One of those movies.” “What would be the point of watching one of those movies and falling asleep? And they don’t have them on netflix. They can be pretty boring though.” “I’ve got some on my laptop.” Behind the Green Door and The Opening of Misty Beethoven. Golden age stuff from the 70s. When porn flicks were real movies. “Although Behind the Green Door is pretty slow at the beginning.” We save it for another time.

“We could take a nap.” “One of those naps?” As usual, I can’t keep my hands off her. I oil her back and butt and spend a long time enjoying her body. She’s probably wondering when she’s going to feel me take one hand off her and put it on myself. I’m wondering if she’s going to fall asleep. Just today we were talking about how we could save time. Fuck and study. Fuck and brush. Fuck and sleep.

At last my hand comes off her and starts getting me hard. Unlike nearly every other time I’ve done this, I don’t feel her pussy. Even though dipping my thumb into her helps me a lot. I want the first thing she feels down there to be my cock, pushing between her lips and filling her. A nice hard one.

My cock is hard enough to fuck. Not as hard as I’d like. But hard enough. It’s taken a while to get there. I had to get a little closer to coming than I’d like. I think about jacking off and sliding it in just as I come. A fantasy of mine. Or maybe River could hand job me then finish me off by sliding her pussy down my cock. Not a whole lot in it for her though. Just drippage. Rhymes with fromage, when we say it like that.

Now I realize how dark it is. Normally I’d slip it in with my thumb on her perineum as a guide. But all I want her to feel is my cock. I’ll have to put it somewhere in the dark diamond under her ass and hope.

“That’s the right spot.” We both push and feel the head slide in. Then a little more. I think my idea works. River likes a fuck with no warm up. What follows is a long, self-indulgent fuck that I won’t go into. Other than to say I really enjoy it.

When I’ve had enough I roll us into spoons. And it’s even better, the friction sweeter, my arm around her. This is what spoons is supposed to be like. Our bodies fit together just like we’re falling asleep. Except we’re fucking. Like I always want to do when we’re falling asleep. Only now it’s the opposite. We’re fucking and I’m wondering if this would be a good time to fall asleep. But River is fucking back, pushing her ass against me in sexy ways. Not a good time to fall asleep.

Maybe a slow come. I can feel it getting closer. And I’m starting to feel a little bad about how self-indulgent I’m being and how long I’m taking. “Not long now.” But I can’t pull it off. So I sit up for t-bone. And now the friction is different again, with my cock going into her sideways.

I still want a slow come. And this time it will work. When I get to the edge of orgasm I pull out, leaving my head barely inside her. There’s one contraction like I’m coming, but I don’t feel anything flowing yet. I don’t move. River doesn’t move. An intense warm agonizing pressure slowly builds in my balls. There’s no stopping it. I wouldn’t want to stop it. I'm over the edge. Barely. Just when I’m wondering whether I’m going to pass out the tension snaps and I feel the first explosive squeeze of orgasm hit my nuts, feel the pump of my semen, and slowly push into her as I come. “That was really crazy.” “A static come.” Yes. Slower than slow.

“Sorry for being so self-indulgent.” “I wasn’t surprised.” “I mean about how long I took.” “I’m not complaining.”

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