Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We did WHAT with bacon?!

We have a date set up for tonight. River is on notice that she has to come up with the plan. I’m thinking it’s been a long time since we’ve used blindfolds and the straps under the bed. But I don’t want to influence her. “If you don’t come up with a plan, I’ll do it to you anyway.” Just so she doesn’t stress out. “I was counting on that.”

But my mood rapidly deteriorates for no good reason. I’m really down. And tired. I go to bed hours early and have a light sleep while River studies. When she comes into the room I’m awake, but silent and motionless on the bed. And bummed. And distressed. About everything, it seems. I hear her stand there and wonder what to do. She knows she’s always welcome to wake me up. I want her to come and snuggle on me. But my mood is so bleak that I’m not sure what I’d do if she tried to start something.

River gets in bed. Stays on her side. I can’t think of what to do. I can’t think of what to say. One of us has to do something. Anything. She gets up and goes downstairs. That’s something. At least I don’t have to say anything now. But I still don’t know what to do.

Yes. I do. And I know what to say.

I find her downstairs in the library. And I ask. “Are you ok?” We have a long talk. About everything that’s getting me down. She gets me through it. It’s bad, but not so bad. We’re partners. We get through things with each other’s help. She comes over and sits on the futon with me. I think I’ll pull through. I thank her.

“Are you thinking dirty thoughts?” I smile. How did she know? “Well, yes.” “We can go upstairs.” “I was thinking of here on the futon.” She thinks. “I can sit like this.” She turns to the back of the futon, looking out the front window, across the porch to the street. “And you can do something from behind.” She lifts her robe, unveiling her smooth naked ass. And the pussy I’m always wanting to get my tongue on. She looks stark but appealing in the porch light coming through the window. “What would you like for a warm up?” “I don’t think I need one.” “But what would you like?” We’ve been here before. River wanting it straight away. Me wanting warm up. “This is my warm up.” I rub her back, feel the solid curve of her ass, the fuzz of her labia between her thighs. Pull my cock through the fly of my boxers and stroke it. Feel her pussy. Slip a finger inside. “That’s quite wet.” “I told you I didn’t need a warm up.”

I’m not getting as hard as I should. Probably not hard enough to start. I try anyway. Too soft. “I can be more welcoming.” River reaches down for my cock, spreads her legs in an interesting configuration, tries to get it in, but still nothing. We’ll have to do the stick-in face to face. She sits on the futon, her feet on the seat, offering herself to me, her robe spread open like an extra set of lips around the flaps and folds of her pussy. I squeeze on in front of her. My fingers in her brown hair. It's gone better, but we get it started. And we fuck. With River compressed against the back of the futon. And me trying not to fall off. “Your boxers are wet.” I feel them. They’re quite damp in front of my balls. Her doing. I like it. But it’s a little strange. “We don’t usually even make a wet spot.”

When my cock is nice and hard she turns over and I slide it in from behind. It goes in easily. Nice and hard into nice and wet. We run through a couple positions. Me standing, me on the futon with her, her butt high, her butt low, grabbing her, grabbing the back of the futon. Seeing what works best. They all work pretty well. We end up in hello kitty. A favorite lately. There’s not much room on the futon for both of us, so I’m tucked in tight behind her, sitting on her feet, her heel rubbing my butthole through my boxers while I rock on it.

We’re fairly well lit by the porch light. Both of us looking out the window just a few feet in front of us. Someone walking by on the street wouldn’t be able to see much but our faces. But it would be pretty obvious what we're doing. Having a nice fuck. If they even looked in. “I’m waiting for somebody to walk by.” So I don’t want to come yet. But it’s late, and it’s raining out. I should just come. Stand up again, grab River’s waist, and bang. “That’s nice.” “Straight up the middle.” I have a loud, moaning orgasm, trying to stand, leaning on River for support.

It was a good talk. It was a good fuck. I feel better. I hope it lasts.

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