Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A stimulating little fuck

We didn’t leave too many horrible loose ends dangling last night. This morning we’ve got some sweet emotions going between us. I ask River whether she’ll read what I wrote about yesterday. She will. She does. She thanks me. And it shakes loose some issues from her side. Some of them I knew about. Some of them I didn’t. We’ll talk more later. But for now we want to connect like we didn’t have a chance to yesterday. We could go out to breakfast. Or River offers something I might want to do instead. The choice isn’t that hard. Breakfast. “Good choice. Take care of the emotional side first.” And the rest will follow.

We go to our favorite breakfast spot and have a nice long breakfast together. I’m a slow eater. Especially when I’m talking. We talk about art. And stuff.

Somewhere between breakfast and home we realize we’re going to do it. But we’ve only got a half hour. “In the car?” That’s a surprise. “I would have done it where we parked at the restaurant.” But neither of us really wants to do it where we've parked on our street.

The bedroom. “I’m going to leave my shirt on.” “And your socks.” “Of course.” “What should I wear?” She drops my pants and boxers. “That’s fine.” “Do you have one in you?” “Probably not in 30 minutes. But probably in the next few days.”

I have a hard time getting it up. It just won’t go. I can’t do it. River can’t do it. River blames it on my full stomach. Even when she’s there in front of me, partly dressed, ready to go in hello kitty, I’m not getting hard enough for the stick-in. “How are we ever going to do it on a bus when we can’t even do it in our own bed?” Finally we resort to the limp dick fuck, propping it up, pushing, trying to keep it from buckling, and suddenly we both feel it pop into her and we know everything’s going to be ok. My cock quickly stiffens in the sweet friction of her pussy. And we fuck.

I hold myself off her so she can watch the action, my trimmed cock driving into her immaculately coiffed pussy, my balls pulled in tight. I’m pulling all the way out, my cock hovering in thin air, then plunging deep into her. Then I just hammer away, fast hard, steady, banging, slapping, liking the involuntary sounds she’s making. I pause and smile. “You like this, don’t you?”

When it’s time to come it just feels right. I haven’t been holding off. I haven’t been trying to make it happen. It just comes at the right time. She feels it, grabs my ass, and pulls me in deep. “I didn’t know you could reach that far.”

“That was a nice quickie. A stimulating little fuck. It was hitting everything just right.” “You always seem to like it hard and fast. It never disappoints.” “I like slow, too.” “We should have a sweet fuck sometime.” “That was a sweet fuck.” “I thought it was kind of physical.” “Your head was in the physical space, mine was in the sweet space, and that’s just fine.”

And we're stronger.

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