Sunday, April 17, 2011

“How can we keep that feeling all day?”

My plan yesterday was to go to the roller derby with River and in the evening she’d have a nice orgasm or two or three and I’d fuck her in one or more of them. The second is my favorite to come in. The first one is hers. The second is for both of us. Like most of my plans this one doesn’t work out, and we postpone until morning. When morning comes it seems like sleep would be better than sex for her so I don’t wake her up.

River wakes up about fifteen minutes before she has to get up. I was right about letting her sleep. She needed it. She’s nice to wake up with. There’s something about a naked sweetie. And now I know what it is. She’s naked.

She rolls over and puts her arm on me. That’s so sweet. I reach down and pull her leg across me, her thigh resting warmly on my balls, and rub her back with one hand, while I slowly grind my hips against her, the skin on my balls being stretched against her leg and pulling on my cock enticingly. I want it to get hard so I can roll her on top. We’ve been talking about getting her on top more often.

It’s not getting hard. I pull her on top anyway. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. Now I can use both hands on her back, my fingers rippling down beside her spine, across the concavity of her back, following the curve of her ass, rising and falling, down her legs. Her legs feel strong, one leg descending firmly on either side of me, and I can’t help but think of her pussy spread between them, of tensing my muscles to lift my hard cock off my body, and of entering her while she slides back onto it. But I’m still not hard.

I leave my hands on her ass and pull her against me, rubbing my cock against her pubic bone. I don’t want to repeat yesterday morning, so I say it. “I’m thinking of you in a sexual way.” Yesterday morning. When I was rubbing her back, and she was thinking non-sexual thoughts while my cock rose of its own accord and made itself apparent. Until she got out of bed ten minutes early, leaving me feeling undesirable, unable to evoke the intended response in her. We talked about it. “Yes, you are. How can we keep that feeling all day?” “Start now, finish later.” “We’ve only got about three minutes.” “That’s enough.”

River sits up on me. Gets me hard with her hand. Leans forward. Leans back onto my cock. And fucks me with her well-lubricated pussy. Ovulation.

She experiments with different angles and pressures. Her pubic bone scrapes up and down along the top of my cock. She settles down on it and I relax into the breathless feeling of penetration. She hugs against me and I feel timeless. Sits up and spreads her legs wide and her power flows into me.

When our time is up she presses her knees together and rests her legs on my chest, then slides up to the tip of my cock. I can see it resting in the moist folds of her lips. I want her to squeeze down once more. But our time is up.

Today I feel desirable. I’ll have that feeling all day. And when River comes home, we’ll finish what we started. “You inspire me, you know. Having sex without an orgasm. It’s actually quite nice.” “Maybe I’ll have one tonight.” Me, too.

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