Tuesday, April 19, 2011

“You sure are nice to do this with.”

“You can feel my ass if you want.” That’s good to know. I’ve been feeling it for a while as we hug. I’m glad she’s not proprietary about her body where I’m concerned. Her firm cheek fits into my palm, I pull her against me, rub our bodies together, feel the response in my crotch. She takes her bra off under shirt. I see nipple. “For your feeling pleasure. Some delayed gratification. A preview.” “This is how we should start. One of us seducing the other.” “I’d take you up on that if I didn’t have so much crap to do.” I wish I could help her. I try. But sometimes it seems like she wants to make things hard on herself.

I warm up River’s side of the bed for her. My sleepy mind presents itself with two choices, and thinks it must decide. Move to my side so I don’t fall asleep on her side and become an obstacle. Or stay on her side so I can pre-sleep and River can wake me up to fuck. My sleepy mind does the best it can. I move over.

I’m not asleep when she comes in. “I’ll give you a back rub.” “I wouldn’t turn that down. Lower back and left butt cheek.” Her elbow on my butt goes right where I need it. Her hands flow over my back, fingers rippling. Everywhere she touches is the right spot. “You’re really on tonight. I’m really relaxed.” “You can just fall asleep if you want.” No. I can’t. She lays on top of me. Her muff brushes my butt crack. Her right leg slips between mine, then her left leg, opening them up. Like I do to her. “You want raunchy?” I open my legs as far as I can. River mock-fucks me, lying between my legs, holding herself up, humping against my ass. It’s not as easy as it looks. She closes my legs and straddles me and her pubic bone bumps a slow cadence against me. Now I know what it’s like. Barely. “This is kind of sweet. I wouldn’t mind this at all.” “We should do face to face. But I don’t have a plan.” “I lie on my side. You reach from behind and I get hard. Then whatever happens, happens.”

I lie. She reaches. I like her doing me from behind with her hand. It’s like doing myself, only better. “This is reminding me of the time we did this standing in front of the open balcony door.” “The carefree days before nursing school.” We both feel the sudden increase in rigidity that means I’m ready. “You should be more confident in your left hand. I am.” She strokes my now-hard cock. Her cock. I wonder how that feels for her, going from limp to ready at her touch. Flattering, she’s said.

We roll into jackknife. Her legs on my shoulders. She did a good job on me. I rub my stiff shaft against her slit. Push it down until it finds her opening. And we fuck. “Not so deep again.” I fuck against her g-spot. I sit and press her legs together in front of me and watch as I fuck the sweet hole beneath them. River pushes against the wall. I push into her. Lift her ass by her legs. She feels solid. Buck my hips and push into her. She feels yielding. Move both her legs to one shoulder, wrap an arm around them, brace against the bed with my other hand, and fuck. And fuck. And fuck.

“You sure are nice to do this with.” “You, too.”

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