Thursday, April 28, 2011

“Would it be ok if I woke you up early tomorrow?”

Last night River got a no-strings back rub. I feel like I’ve owed her one for a while. “Would it be ok if I woke you up early tomorrow?” “The kids don’t have school. We can even sleep in.” “Perfect.” We set a time.

I’ve been awake on and off for hours. Sometimes with a pounding night hard on. When the time comes I lie next to River. She’s dreaming. Can I do her in her dream? I get hard easily. Roll over, put my cock between her legs under her ass, feel the head scratch against her muff. Like I like. A noisy alarm clock from the next room wakes her up. Why it’s set when there’s no school, I don’t know. “That wasn’t part of my plan.”

We’ve got a while. I’m just enjoying my erection brushing against her snatch. “Are you going anywhere with that?” “That was the plan. What can you do to help?” “Roll over.” Now we’re face to face, my leg between hers, my cock pressed against her vulva. She pulls the covers off us. Our bodies look nice together. Her curves, her pubic strip, my hard cock projecting from above my balls and disappearing beneath her mons. I hear wet smacky pussy sounds. Does she have her fingers back there? No, it’s just my cock pushing things around as we dry hump. It turns me on. What doesn’t.

And I hear a jet plane taking off. Fortunately we don’t hear that too often. But I think of all the times I’ve flown, my mind wandering to the towns and lights below, and wondering how many people down there are fucking as we fly over. Today I know the answer. A least two.

She pushes me back and gets on top, positions my cock against her pussy, slides onto it. “That helps.” I feel her experiment with angles and rhythms. There’s the short-long rhythm I used a few days ago. Does she like it? It used to be my masturbation rhythm, one short pump, one long pump, repeat. It’s nice having her do it to me. With her cunt. “Do what feels good to you.” Right away she rolls onto the bottom. Ha ha. I get it. Fortunately River on bottom feels good to me, too.

We hear various kids get up. Go to the bathroom. Back to their rooms. Then downstairs. We usually leave our door open. They can’t see anything through it. But at some point we have to scramble for the covers. We push back together in spoons as River pulls the comforter over us. The stealth fuck position. But no one comes in.

I’m missing interlock. It used to be my favorite. My cock stabbing into her smooth, deep pussy. Her clitoris available to both of us. Her breasts in easy reach of my hands, and my mouth. But when I push my leg between hers and roll her into position, it’s just not the same. We didn’t do it for a long time because I thought she didn’t like it. Now I guess I’m the one who doesn’t get a whole lot out of it lately. But I still miss it.

We’re getting sweaty in the muggy morning. At least I am. The humidity following an all-night rain. Might as well take advantage of it and have a hot sweaty fuck. We’re uncovered again. I’m back on top. We're hot. We're sweaty. We’re fucking. And enjoying it. “You should probably finish soon.” “If I can.” I don’t feel my orgasm on the horizon yet. And I think I overdid it when we had to break for lube. Too slippery now. “We can always finish later.” That’s sweet.

But predictably I’m not ready to stop. I sit up, bring her knees together in front of me, and watch my cock slipping in and out of the bit of snatch peeking from between her closed legs. “I wish you could see this. We should get you a mirror.” I grab her waist. Now I feel something. Much as I’d like to finish later, I can’t stop. Can’t resist the feeling of impending orgasm. I bang into her until I’m about to come, then push her legs up and lean into her, I want to push in but I don’t want to, I tease myself, just sliding the head in and out of her opening, until my cock stiffens in orgasm and I’m spurting my come just inside, then pushing through it for the afterfuck.

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