Thursday, April 21, 2011

Capriccio in A, Op. 241

River suggests going out for Thai food this evening. Just us. That’s a good idea for many reasons. Thai food is one of our favorites. We’ll be in a good mood for sex afterwards. And I’m hungry. “Oh you, who needs some warning.” “I consider myself warned.” That was easy. “I’ve even made an appointment.” What is she talking about? I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. “And I believe I’ve been making passes.” “I’m talking about your butt.” “Oh. Ok. Some champagne might be in order then.”

We get a late start, but I bring the champagne up, uncork it, and pour us a glass to share. We pull each other’s clothes off. River sits against the wall at the head of the bed. I sit between her legs. “Last time we had quite a lead-in.” “Every time is different.” How well I know that. My cock gets hard for her touch. I move forward and we casually start fucking while we talk. It’s some nice face to face. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stop and pull out for the next course. “Any thoughts on position?” “Not really.” “We did low doggy last time. After some fumbling.” And we’ll do low doggy again. At least to start.

We both realize it’s time. River rolls over and curls into low doggy. “With a condom?” “Did you use one last time?” “Yes.” She required it. “You don’t need one. As long as it doesn’t go back in afterwards.” “I’ll wash.” “Use lots of lube.” I’ve got the silicone lube. That stuff has ass-fuck written all over it in my mind. It’s the first thing I thought when she brought it home. We’ve got some thick water-based stuff that my favorite shop recommended. Maybe next time. If there is a next time.

I lube my hard cock. Dribble some in her crack and rub it in. It’s hard to see in the candlelight, but it feels about right. The tip of my cock meets her asshole. And slips down into her pussy when I push. Try again, using my fingers as a barrier. It goes in so easily that I think I’ve missed a second time, but when I look down, there’s my cock going into her ass, her beautiful ass, and I push a little farther in, let her get used to it, pull back, push in, grab her waist, fuck her ass. Slowly. I can feel the ring of her anus around my shaft, but beyond that it’s nebulous. I push all the way in for good measure, then back out and work my glans in her sphincter. If I do that long enough, I’ll come.

She’s making some soft sounds. Does she like it? Do I like it?

We sit up into hello kitty so she can have more control. I feel like her dildo while she fucks me with her ass. “Fucking” doesn’t seem like the right word. It’s like fucking, but it’s not fucking. She’s being surprisingly aggressive, sliding up and pushing back down onto my cock. Now it’s more like fucking. I fuck back.

What next? Roll River onto her side, into t-bone, me kneeling behind her. I put my hand on her ass, feel my cock sliding into it between my fingers, use them to keep it in line when I pull all the way out then push back in.

She rolls onto her back and we’re face to face. Our default position. Still in her ass. It feels a bit sad to be neglecting her pussy. “If I were a guy I’d have a nice hard on right here.” “And I’d want to reach down and suck it while we’re doing this.” Like I want to put my tongue on her clit while we’re fucking. The geometry doesn’t work in either case, but it might be slightly better if she were a guy.

Sometimes I wonder. Would I have fallen in love with River if she were just like she is, but male? Being female seems to give her an insurmountable advantage for some reason. What, besides millions of years of evolution, gives her this advantage? I don’t even look at guys the same way. Sure, they can be cute. But girls have something guys don’t. Some kind of attractive mystery. What.

We stop for a lube break. When I push back into her ass I realize it’s the fifth time I’ve penetrated her there. It won’t be much longer before I lose count. Like how I can remember the first two times we ever fucked, but somewhere along the way my mental history gets washed out. All that remains are certain memorable screws. Memory is strange. Why can I remember every place we’ve ever done it? Does that have anything to do with why I want to do it in so many places? So I can remember?

I’m finding sensations that will make me come if I keep at it. But should I come? River reads my mind. Or my body. And answers my question. “I don’t think I’m ready for you to come there yet.” I’m happy to save something for later. And by now I’m sure there will be a later. How much later doesn’t really matter.

I go to the bathroom to wash up. My cock is clean. Except for the lube. It claims to be easy to wash off. It isn’t. It’s impossible to wash off. I wash three times. Two different kinds of soap. My cock still feels like it’s got a teflon coating gripping it by the pores. Next time we'll try something else.

Fucking River in the cunt is like coming home after a vacation. “That’s a good bang.” I grab her shoulder and we fuck hard, fast, no holding back, until I'm coming in her pussy. Home. “A sprint to the finish,” River calls it.

Shower together in the morning. “I feel like we should be going out for breakfast. I feel all first-timey.” Even though it wasn't. “That’s cute.” “I’m sure we went out for breakfast after our first time.” “We would have had to.” “You had cereal at your place.” “Oh yeah.” A girl after my own heart. “But I’m sure we would have gone out for breakfast.” I probably even skipped work to do it.

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