Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot and intimate

River has been giving me lascivious looks all day. It's that time of the month for her. I've been wanting to fuck with divbyzero as a soundtrack again so I light some candles and put it on. But first we have to fold clothes. Sigh. Afterwards I go upstairs, strip, and warm the bed up. When I hear River finishing up in the bathroom I stand naked by the outside door with the pale moonlight visible through it. It's the kind of place I'd like to find River, bathed in warm candlelight, looking alluring. She comes in, sits on the bed, puts on some hand cream. Nothing very romantic. I wonder if I'm going to lose my mood, but I'm not going to let that happen. At least I can get in bed with her. So I do.

"I don't have a plan." "You don't? When you think about doing it tonight, you don't think about what you might like to do?" "I haven't been thinking about it since afternoon like you do." She thinks for a while. "From behind. Somehow." We've done doggy and raunchy and hello kitty recently. Spoons isn't quite what I'm in the mood for tonight with the sexy music. Butt position is a natural post-massage stick-in, and I'd rather save it for that. Maybe standing. Maybe low doggy. River suggests a hello kitty stick-in. Hello kitty is an amazing position, looks nice, feels nice, and a hello kitty stick-in is a real treat. For both of us.

We lie side by side and kiss. Her hand goes to my cock. Pull along the length, push over the ridge of the head, and I'm getting hard. And then a child appears out of nowhere wanting a snack. We send him off for one. "Good thing he didn't come in a little later. Maybe we should close the door." "I think we're ok." River quickly picks up where she left off, slow and easy, up and down the shaft, pushing against the base, now just working the head a bit. "This is one of those hand jobs that I never want to end."

River sits up for hello kitty. I sit behind her, my knees out to either side, nestled against her. She raises her ass a little and I watch from behind as she spreads oil on her pussy, fingers sliding over her lips, between her lips, soft and glistening in the candle light. She grabs my cock and lowers herself onto it, taking it into her pussy, her warm wetness enfolding it, and fucks me.

The view is amazing. River's sporty body lifting up and down, her ass fitting between my legs, her lips spread around my cock. My cock looks big, thick, and hard in this position, sticking up lewdly from between my legs as River impales herself on it and lets it fill her pussy again and again. We hear our late-night snacker come back up the stairs and we pause. I like the feeling, just being together, not moving, with my cock fully penetrating into her. And it seems wrong in this situation, but knowing that we started our fuck despite the risk of being walked in on is both exciting and reassuring. Our snacker goes back to bed without incident. And we fuck some more.

"I'm you're dildo." That's how I feel, watching River work herself on my cock, up and down, in and out, pleasuring herself with it. And giving me warm sensations that ripple out from my cock and make my whole body tingle. I move a little, side to side, fucking back. Sit forward and reach around for her tits, nice and small and malleable, always right where they should be. "You're getting it from behind."

River changes our position and I follow. Where is she going? She lays out into butt position. My turn to do most of the work. My cock plunges deep and hard. "I like giving it to you from behind." My balls slide along her the backs of her legs as I work it in and out, my thumb pressing under her cute asshole. I do River's rhythm, slow with a quick, firm push at the end. "It's a nice rhythm." "I learned it from you."

Our fuck is hot and intimate. Our bodies overlapping. Our thoughts focused. I feel really connected. We're both getting what we want, emotionally and physically. River is sensuous, her face hidden under her hair, her curves glowing in the soft light. She feels passive, just letting me fuck her, but then I can feel her moving under me, pushing back, lifting her ass, wiggling, working together, moving left and right while my cock squeezes in and out of her.

A short break for more lube. My turn to spread oil over her lips and between her soft folds. Then my cock slides back into her well-lubricated pussy.

I reach under and put a hand on her breast. The feel of her girlness nearly makes me come but I hold off, feeling a spurt or two of jizz flow into her. "That was half an orgasm." "You can give me the other half." Sometimes I go soft after a half orgasm but my cock is still as hard as ever, I'm at the same point in my arousal, I'll come soon as I fuck her with my jizz making things extra slippery, feeling her firm ass against me. Then I'm coming hard, giving her the other half, pushing into her warm body, her snug pussy, until my foot cramps.

"I never want to stop." "Why would you?" "Why would you?"

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